1. I was just like this guy when I was 17 then I looked at the BIG picture and only raced on sanctioned tracks.

  2. God darn these Memphis girls r sexy as hell. Especially in those tight ass jeans they where in all the shows showing off the goods thanks girls.

  3. Man we gotta get JJ a new phone with a better camera lol I get a headache with his camera now

  4. I sure love the nova's especially the 62-67 I built me a 65 and I sure miss it with 406 4-speed keep kicking butt on the streets

  5. I love how upbeat, positive, and humble JJ is. I look forward to everything JJ does because of how real and genuine he seems to be. It also makes me laugh when JJ describes his engines as the lower cubic inch engines in his vehicles. The 283 ci, soooo funny!!! Keep up the good work JJ, the fans appreciate you!!!

  6. Mr. JJ DA BOSS, brotha I would have to say that Ziptie and that Heifer are two badass cars. But Heifer is sexy as hell, everything about it.

  7. Ands that’s a big ass trailer boy Watchu fit in there 3 cars and 4 motors 5 sets of rubber and a couple tool boxes holy sheep shit JJ

  8. If someone jumps the light and you chase them is that a race automatically or do you have to agree before the race?

  9. Merry Christmas to the Memphis family… about time you upgraded the Heifer can't wait to see Trish fly

  10. JJ and his crew are the shit the only real street guys and girls on TV Merry Christmas and happy new year to all of yall

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