Jack and Dan get new cars and a crafty day
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Jack and dan have both got new cars after passing their driving test earlier this year, dan got his a few weeks ago and Jack’s arrived today after ordering it a few weeks ago.
All the kids had a very messy crafty day making some lovely cute Christmas canvases.

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  1. What a precious family and full of so much fun and love. The Lord God has blessed you all with so much all your beautiful children, your love for each other, health, beautiful home, business and so much more. I want to say you all are such a blessing and joy especially during these troublesome times. I will be praying for you all that you all keep well and safe.

  2. Did you guys put artificial turf down in your yard? The grass looks so perfect! Love love your family.I had a daycare for 34 years and I so miss little people! Watching your Littles helps my sadness! Thank you for your wonderful vlogs💜💜

  3. Hi 🙋‍♀️ ratford family and friends around the world 🌎 had permission to come downstairs today’s plans are crafting and do schoolwork for hallie and phoebe Jack is getting a car 🚙 delivered somebody’s got the hairdryer it was one ☝️ of the young ones who burnt 🥵 the carpet I think 🤔 you need to ask the elves 🧝‍♀️ still in pyjamas aimees dressed advent calendar 📅 number 9 Archie’s turn it’s beautiful 🤩 it’s number 10 tomorrow

  4. Hi there, have you looked at Baker Ross for crafting materials. I’ve always worked with children and have found their stuff to be the best quality, especially in bulk buying too. Good luck, love watching the vlogs.

  5. Hi, could I ask a personal question plz, how old was you on your last pregnancy, I'm 42 and been trying a yr just wondering if theres some hope for me. Kind regards gemma

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