Kantanka Makes New Cars: See All New & Old Cars, TV, Tapes, Food Put On Display @ 40th Exhibition

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  1. It has been my dreams that GREAT KANTANKA will be president of Ghana so that HE will change that fake constitution and make it a LAW that we all will buy his cars or Ghana made things ONLY. Please CONSIDER IT GREAT KANTANKA. OTWEDIAMPONG NYANKOPONG is with you.

  2. this world belong to black people, but we don't believe ourselves and respect ourselves and be together as a one person, because if you have a kids with a white woman, the kids are not white people, but they are black people,so how long we can believe our dreams and respect ourselves then money 💰✌🏽💪🏾☝🏽🌈⭐

  3. if Africa can do respect women's like Europe or America,then Africa can be the King in this world, because this eit for our woman's,so we need to start respect our woman's so that our Africa dreams will come true Amen 🌈⭐🗝️✌🏽🪐☝🏽

  4. Great inventor!!!! if only Africans can appreciate what we have and not always value what our slave masters give us, we will go far.

  5. The cars are nice but i still am not seing enough farming cars, machines, tools etc that people can acquire to work to make money.Whatever cannot generate money for the people is a luxury

  6. Why not Kantanka make farming tractors and other farm machines which the youth can buy through some loan scheme ?Farming is still a booming business as the whole world is looking for organic foods.China and Malaysia have so many farming machines locally made which is booming their agriculture

  7. All that we needed in Ghana is Kantanka, not VW, Nissan Assembly, this man can do everything the leaders and all of as should hold him in high esteem so that he teaches a lot of people and that is what himself advocates. We don't need NVIT, TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY AND all those nonsense, let all go and learn it. Use his cars and item in the public offices all the public services. He can do everything

  8. Nana Safo is doing great things.
    We are grateful.
    They need to start creating forklifts for jobsake.people are swetting Carrying heavy loads and is a guud Idea for Logistic reasons.

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  10. Maintain peace you people in your country ,if ghana will not engage in civil war or there will be no war in Ghana, and invest in factory more than one district one factory policy .After 30 years, Ghana will be the donor country.

  11. We are expecting a lot from this man at least he should make some of the guys work and specializes in producing military weapons

  12. Ghana is rich .African advantage .Great kosa katanka made it all.
    What are we waiting for.there should be no poverty.
    Government should invest to create jobs.partnership in a field of anything.
    To sustain Ghanaians from poverty. Period. Radically.

  13. Those who are commenting and saying all kind of shits should shut up..you are the same ppl always votes for these bad leaders NPP and NDC. Why do they buy cars from outside meanwhile we have such an amazing man?? … This country will never develop until we change our mind and vote out of these 2 parties.

  14. This man is wasting technology.what kind of model is this for? Make posh cars like Benz model, X6 model, and stop wasting technology on this uFO models.

  15. tbh .. I think the whole idea of venturing into tech is brilliant and to some extent Kantaka in on the right track… but I think this adventure into the automotive sector is quite pre-mature .

  16. ➕1️⃣7️⃣0️⃣5️⃣4️⃣7️⃣9️⃣1️⃣4️⃣0️⃣1️⃣

  17. Katanka automobile is a mirage.how can you be manufacturing cars and yet you don't drive the cars you manufactured and yet you want endorsement from Africans.

  18. Africa buy Africans made, that’s only the way we can grow I’m from Nigeria 🇳🇬 love this

  19. Kantanka also needs a spare part and servicing outlet . Cause if I buy this car how do I get the parts? Toyota has taken more than 50% of the market in cars, so you can put all the blame on the government. But rather he should look in the market of constructional vechiles and he will make enough and more money to promote his cars and they will sell themselves. I promise you.

  20. It will take sometime but companies like CAT are making all the money through construction vechiles which don't need much marketing like cars.

  21. I advise Kantanka to start making articulaters and mining vechiles and those will sell faster and better. Because Ghana makes and. Looses alot of money through mining


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