Meet Apple's Newest Invention: The Apple Car

Meet Apple’s Newest Invention: The Apple Car or Apple’s New Self Driving Car.

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Apple is one of the most appealing electronic brands in the world. They are known to put to the market mobile phones and computer accessories. Still, it seems Steve Job’s founded company finally decided to venture into the already crowded automobile industry. The Apple electric car project codenamed ‘Titan,’ is expected to be one of the most technologically advanced cars ever made. Let’s take you on a virtual ride aboard this autonomous car and the path to its creation. Hey, before we get into the video, be sure to enter our brand new giveaway, we’ll be giving away any of these items. To enter the giveaway, comment the secret keyword in the video, subscribe and turn on post notifications….Ooh and most importantly watch the whole video. It’s that simple!

Meet Apple’s Newest Invention: The Apple Car
Apple’s New Self Driving Car.

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  1. Must be Hybrid in terms of driving: Means both keeping Recent Driving a little bit and the addition of Self driving mode at Introduction stage .

  2. ไปพัฒนาเครื่องมือทางการแพทย์รถยนต์มันไม่เข้ากับตราสินค้า

  3. That very good but when you come to accident crash or purposeful crash is the car ability to work autonomous possible I do not think so …I advice semi autonomous car of apple…

  4. China started selling the electric car that is only the price of 3 iPones. It is a big hit now, and their production is ramping up.

  5. No I think this project is gonna flop. This is a company that only caters to the rich . There main concern is making money . Are we gonna have citizens of America have a wallet size apple card in it . So when the autonomous car drives past it won't run them over? And not give the homless a card so they get run over by the car as a target ? Shame on you for being so greedy . You took one step forward with the apple I phones . Now several steps back . One giant , negative leap for mankind .oh one more thing . Can the uric acid in our piss be used as a electrolite to refuel the battery cells ?

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