Microchip Shortage – Best New Cars – Hyundai Kia Genesis – Auto News: The Homework Guy, Kevin Hunter

When will the microchip shortage end? How much does it cost to buy a new car? Trending Auto and Vehicle News from The Homework Guy team Kevin Hunter. Looking for new cars near me? Check out the new Hyundai, Kia, Genesis Electric Hybrid Crossover SUVs.

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The Amazing Elizabeth presents
0:00 Current Trending Automotive News Update
0:30 Goodyear Tires invest in new EV Electric Car Charging company AmpUp
0:56 Toyota Microchip shortage and losses
1:54 New Car Microchip Shortage affects Ford, GM, Mercedes-Benz, Volkwagen, Audi
2:32 Uber invests in GetUpside, needs more drivers and delivery people
2:56 How to make money with Uber, how much money
3:50 Hyundai Motor Group Kia Electric Crossover Vehicles
4:04 Hyundai Santa Cruz SE SEL SEL Premium trim levels
5:03 Electric Crossovers Hyundai Tucson, Hyundai Santa Fe, Kia Sorento, Kia Sportage 2021 2022 2023
5:29 Genesis new car models sedans G70, G80, G90, SUVs GV70, GV80
6:10 Genesis Electric car GV80 2023
6:24 How to buy a car from Genesis Concierge, hassle free car buying from manufacturer
8:10 The Homework Guy featured Viewer YouTube Comments

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3. Benefits of Buying a Car from a Dealership or Private Party.
4. Questions to ask at a Dealership
5. Car buying tips and tricks from the experts
6. How to Buy and Pay for a Car with Cash
7. Using Carmax, Edmunds, TrueCar, Autolist, or Kelley Blue Book for Car Pricing Info.
8. Buying a Car out of state.
9. Taking Control of the entire Car Buying Process.
10. What to do if Scammed.
11. Illegal things Car Dealers can do.
12. Understanding Dealer Financing Tricks
13. How to Avoid Dealer Scams.
14. Reactions to Sales Training conducted by Car Trainers.

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  1. I like the look of the Genesis luxury vehicles, I always thought the Hyundai Genesis/Equus was unique. I don’t think I’d buy one if I could afford luxury though, I’d rather go with a Lexus preferably or an Acura.

  2. So if Hyundai Motor group is known for their gas vehicles having garbage electrical systems how do I expect them for their hybrids and electric vehicles not to have terrible problems

  3. The time of doing stupid crazy deals to the point that does not make sense and treat the sales person like trash are over!!! now they are coming to the dealership like peaceful lambs begging to pay sticker. Manufacturers discovered that they can make the same money without producing so many cars cutting the incentives and incentivize for doing a special orders like in Europe so I don’t think this is going back to where it was before

  4. First of my prayers to Kevin and his family! Looking forward when you both are reunited giving great and valuable information on buying cars. This past May I just purchased a 2021 accord sport SE. I used the homework guy formula for my trade in. They offered me 9000 for my 13 accord exl. Using your information I ended up getting 12,500 for my trade for a car I only paid 19500 in 2016!! Thanks for your guidance !!! As for tires I highly recommend a tire that flies under the radar….Sumitoma!! It is a Japanese made tire. Quiet and comfortable without paying Goodyear or Michelin prices. The worst tire I have ever had…..Yokohama Torante. At least on my 17 CRV they were horrible !!!

  5. The local dealerships are recklessly charging additional dealer markup fees. Why regulators and authorities are not doing anything to prevent them to refrain from this unhealthy practice?

  6. Kevin, you kick the Special High Intensity Training outta that pneumonia!!
    And Elizabeth, you're doing yeoman (err, yeowoman) work holding down the fort for the THG Team!

  7. Car and truck tires are getting more and more expensive! but comparing them to tires 30 years ago, there safer. last alot longer, and are better in ice and snow! Unless you hotrod around or abuse them, some are prorated at 90 to 100k that was unheard of a few decades ago!

  8. Heres hoping Kevin is coming along oky! Kevin and I have basicly the same gentics> Hes younger than me, so he would pass for a younger brother! same build, color and features!
    ing, its like looking in a mirror! v heard it said that every one has a double out there, looks like im Kevins, or Kevins mine!Anetas husband…

  9. Thanks Amazing Miss Elizabeth! Although I am not a fan of Kia or Hyundai, It was very informative. It is interesting to see how the IC shortage
    and low inventory is making manufacturers and dealerships record profits. But that is not sustainable. Prayers to Kevin and his family.

  10. I know we’re at the mercy of the dealer when buying a car in their inventory, as we expect to pay a much higher price now. But what about ordering a car to be made from the factory with a wait of a couple months. Can these car orders be negotiated with the dealer at a lower price since the dealer has no carrying charge and is just shuffling paper?

  11. Hope you are fast fully recovering and you be back on track, bc your Family , Kids and wife need you healthy back Home !!! Thanks for the updates and after selling my Ford 250 Super Duty, I bought me a KIA SPORTAGE and the Gas milage are just much better in Savings!!.. It's sporty, good power Package and have all Features you can just ask for !!!!.. I am very impressed with this little Power Bug!!!.. Y'all stay safe and healthy !!!!

  12. I'm a driver for Favor Delivery and that's about right. Same deal. What's worse is that they have promotions for drivers that say "run 15 favors today and make 160 guaranteed!" It's nearly impossible to do that. I'm lucky if I run a favor per hour and that's driving fast like a madman which hurts my car and gas mileage even more, and gives an incentive for being more dangerous on the road. Uber and Lyft use promotions like that as well. Check into that.

  13. Nice work as always with great updates. Genesis Concierge is terrible by the way. The only job is to direct you to a dealership which would still be good if the dealer had the model I wanted .. but no.. the concierge knows nothing. The dealer has a totally different inventory, a 100 miles away and guess what, wants to negotiate their own way. Concierge is a gimmick IMO.

  14. Awsome video hope Kevin's full recovery, bu the looks of it I will hault my buying car expectations for 2024, good thing I have a Toyota 😁😁😁😁👌👌👌

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