Mr. Frumble's New Cars / Ernst and Heidi in the Alps / Billy Dog's Bad Day

Instead of picking up his pickle car at Mr. Fixit’s, Mr. Frumble mistakenly drives off in a bulldozer. Later, he switches the bulldozer for a taxi, and the taxi for Rudolph’s bi-plane, and finally crash lands. When Mr. Fixit tells Mr. Frumble his pickle car has been at his shop all the time a happy Mr. Frumble takes off – on Sergeant Murphy’s motorcycle! / Ernst wants to be with Heidi on the rescue patrol, but he isn’t a very good climber. When Ernst gets stuck, he blows his horn so Heidi will rescue him. One day, Heidi gets stuck with Ernst, so he plays a beautiful song and the town folks come to the rescue. Heidi loves the way he plays and Ernst promises to never go climbing again. / Billy Dog, a new kid in school, has everyone scared because of his gruff manner. After several mishaps, Huckle is convinced Billy Dog’s out to get him. But when Billy Dog asks Huckle why he’s so mean, Huckle realizes he acted like the bully. Billy Dog and Huckle become friends and everyone shows the new kid around.