My A-Z of the BEST new cars coming 2020-2022 from the 'Geneva' Motor Show

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The 2020 Geneva Motor Show may have been cancelled, but that hasn’t stopped the world’s top car manufacturers from unveiling their new models! Mat’s got all the essential info on every new model announced this week, from lightning-fast supercars to futuristic electric SUVs! Watch for everything you need to know about the Porsche 911 Turbo S, Alfa Romeo Giulia GTA, Audi A3, Mercedes E-Class, VW Golf GTI, BMW i4, Polestar Precept, Bentley Bacalar, Koenigsegg Gemera and more!

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  3. You have to love any video that intersperses a 1900-horsepower Pininfarina with a Volkswagen Golf. Thank you Carwow, for keeping us both grounded and jealous at the same time!

  4. you judge brand new cars that's easy, their all good when new. But most will not last 100k miles without major repairs; engine or/and transmission. Cars are no longer build to last, they, the builders, call it profit optimisation. small engines,2000 CC or less but still quick and fast, that's impossible, the engine wears out and it wears out fast if you demand speed forced by turbo's. and lots of electronics, computer technics that's asking for the impossible. Judge cars after 2 years that will give a much more realistic impression

  5. @carwow – Hi Matt, I love your show, your witt, and your varied choice of content. Whilst I realise it's been a long road to metrication in the UK and I realise that there is current imperial norms which have been stubbornly retained (eg speed signs), I find it frustating that you continue to mix car engine specification units – notably Power (BHP) and Torque (Nm), being of course imperial and metric, respectively. Power is directly translatable between the old and new units (kW = 0.75 x BHP) so it's easy to follow the rest of the world. In any case, please quote engine specifications in ALL metric (kW and Nm) or ALL imperial (BHP and LBft). Thanks for considering this suggestion.

  6. Where is the Greek car Chaos
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