NASCAR unveils the new Next Gen car for 2022 | NASCAR ON FOX

NASCAR today unveiled the new Next Gen car that will be used for the NASCAR Cup Series in 2022.


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NASCAR unveils the new Next Gen car for 2022 | NASCAR ON FOX



  1. Tube frame – composite body – 12" center lock wheels – Camaros and Mustangs duking it out. Gee it's the SCCA TransAm series from 40 years ago. I know NASCAR is slow to adapt – but a 40 year old race series revived as an advancement???

  2. They want to put the stock back in Nascar, they should force Toyota to offer a stock coupe to race with the Ford and Chevy coupes. Toyota does not offer a 2 door Camry so why does Nascar continue to allow them to race a car that is not a homologated true stock car? Maybe they should be racing a Supra not a Camry.

  3. I don't like the new next gen nascar cars at all 👎 I wish that Nascar will go back to old school days in Nascar when drivers use to beating, bacing and giving the other drivers the middle finger…

  4. Ok. NASCAR Needs To Have The Spoilers As 6-Inches, Take Off The Splitter, Bring Back The Unrestricted/High/900 Horsepower Package, The Ride Height Rule, And Lastly, The 2014 Package.

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