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THIS is the new Southwest Florida update! With a new limited vehicle, 13 new cars and ranking/balancing on customization!

hope u enjoy!



  1. It's ridiculous it's just stupid how you have to rank up to upgrade your cars it's just ruined the game

  2. Hey, I have a concern about the 2005 Mazeri MC-12 which i purchase the day it came out and now I cannot find it in my inventory. This is concerning because it isn't the first time something like this has happened to me, it happened when the new Mansions came out and I had to repay for it and now I can't find the Mazeri in my inventory can someone please help me☹️

  3. there is still no bug fix for that bug when driving a tesla. u even tested it in a myths vid (the one where u cant break in drive)

  4. I lost all my money in south west florid and my discord account I had to verify and it kicked me in discord to talk to the owner of the game if u can help username Yadayad3oli

  5. Bruh this sucks, im sure most of the people lag plus and people that play this doesnt the time to grind jobs till max level cuz of shcools,homeworks ect, this is so bad from the devs i hate this

  6. can anybody tell me what shall I do,shall i sell my aston Martin valkrie (3million), and buy new 3.2million limited car

  7. Omg I swear they cancelled this update for this weekend it’s noice that it actually released!

  8. lucky for me the day the update came out i got all the limiteds then grinding for all the jobs max lvl so i dont gotta worry

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