New Cars, Bodykits and Features in Car Parking Multiplayer new update | Max Graphics

Hello Guys, Cp legends here with another video and in today’s video we are going to look at all the new features in this Car Parking Multiplayer update We will be looking at all the new cars, body kits and the other added functions in the game. I will be showing all of these features in max graphics with smooth Gameplay and I hope you guys will enjoy the video and have a relaxing time. If you enjoyed the video then be sure to leave a like and Subscribe as it really helps support the channel, thank you.

Drift Car Setups in Car Parking Multiplayer:

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  1. they have gotten worse the golf and the f1 car should have more detail, this is why i stopped playing


  3. This game has come a long way i remember playing it in 2019 i stopped playing it but now i want to start again

  4. What is the name of the 2nd last car? The one that comes before the f1 car in the all car lists? I got it from someone as an exchange but from day 1 i am seeing an exclamation mark in the speedometer when i drive it and it does not run properly as well until it reaches 90kmph. Need help on this. Is it engine damage or some tuning will solve it? I have tried resetting the car but still faced the issue

  5. Car parking multiplayer new car F1 can’t upgrade anything ? Why not? And when it go fast just out of control 🙁

  6. Im so fucking sick of this game, everything costs real money, are these people poor? That would explain why they have such a shitty game.

  7. I used to play years ago, now I’m looking at all this confused. Also if I make an account does all the progress i have on that device save to the account?

  8. Hey you remember me in car parking multiplayer where u said me “don’t flex with ur cheat account” was that u or someone impersonating u?

  9. I wish they ad a 2011 Lamborghini Gallardo lp570-4 superleggera and gtr skyline r33 😔

  10. still waiting the developer to change the resource & texture of city to make it more lightweight

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