NEW Polestar Precept: The Most BEAUTIFUL Electric Car So Far? | 4K

Polestar has confirmed It will build the Precept, which is great news because It is one of the most stunning pieces of automotive design in recent times, at least according to Rory Reid.

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  1. Cameras on the doors are crap. When I'm at a junction and i need to see further, I'll move my head to change the angle in the mirror. Cameras cannot do that and it's a very real shortcoming. I wonder how durable those materials are. I'll get my daughter to throw up on it a few time to see if it cleans up as well as leather 🙂 Yeah, she gets car sick.

  2. this looked mazing until you got into the drivers seat, the front is so bland and that oversized tablet is a car crash waiting to happen. As a biker I hate seeing this sort of thing in cars, give people buttons, they then don't need to take their eyes off the road to change a setting.

  3. Such a poor vision of the future. That lidar box is just extra weight and costs.
    They are focused on the look but the engineering of this car is far from futuristic. 70% of this car comes from third parties and build by Volvo/Geely

    Good car, but nothing interesting for an engineer.

  4. This Small Swedish startup is based in China and is 75% Chinese.
    Volvo owns 50% (50%Swedish and 50%belong to Geely)
    And the other 50% is directly own by Geely.

  5. They should really scrap that lidar housing at the top. It spoils the entire picture of otherwise exceptionally designed vehicle.

  6. The chances of a concept car like this going into production, is about as likely as an alcoholic never taking another drink. Sorry to rain on your parade folks. I've been around long enough, to know not get the least bit excited about another flashy futuristic vehicle, which hasn't crossed any of the hurdles of reality.
    Should this car ever come into production, in the same futuristic form as presented here, it will be as cost-prohibitive, as any other supercar presently on the market.
    I would bet the farm on the fact, that you will not see this car without a pillar down the middle of the two doors. Without that pillar, you cannot achieve even the minimum side-impact protection required.

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