NEW UPDATE!!! New Cars, Sounds, and Comp Tracks!!

Another great update by CarX!! The new cars look awesome and the car sounds are amazing!!

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  1. I’ve got an iPhone 13 pro but my game is so choppy/laggy. It don’t happen all the time but when it does I can’t play it’s just too difficult when I’m getting 10fps

  2. brother can you plz make a tune for stock engine phoenix nx with pro drift 3 plz make one cuz i dont have a good tune

  3. Hey brog,looking forward to getting a top drift clip,cause i sent in a few of them,so looking forward to a big compilation

  4. Also I don't know if anyone in the comments has yet to drive that new car with the livery on it. But since it's an actual person's drift car, IT 100% DOES NOT sound like any motor in the game, since it's HIS car, it came with its on personal power/sound and it's the best sounding car now in the game to me and bruh the 2JZs now, the 3.0L sound like absolutely insanity, I personally only really noticed engine noise change wise was from the 2JZ motor, sounds more like real life

  5. Imagine watching this man's content and not subscribing..
    Keep em coming
    I didn't get ur notification so that's why I am late

  6. Tbh brog I kinda like the new engine system cause the more engines you get in reality you’re paying 2-3$ per engine ,not bad tbh

  7. They absolutely ruined bmw sounds, all models mostly sound the same now, and sound like m2, this is retarded, e30 doesnt sound like it should, e36 doesnt sound like it should, e46 doesnt sound like it should, this is so bad

  8. Instead of buying crates that costs a bit expensive, they finally made a specific option where u can buy specific engines and cheaper too! Definitely worth it

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