Ola Electric Cars – 3 New Cars Launch Planned?

Video – Ola Electric

Seems like Ola has teased not 1, but 3 electric cars 🧐
There seems to be 3 different sets of headlight and taillight

More details –


  1. കുടുംബം അടക്കം കത്തിച്ചാലേ…നിനക്കു സമാധാനം ആകൂ…ല്ലേ…

  2. OLA has just 1 genuine problem… Lack of proper customer care support Once this problem is tackled… Ola eCar can be the biggest car seller in the country. It's more beautiful than any Indian car below 10Lakh.

  3. It is far common for a PETROL 2 wheeler to catch fire than eScooter If you don't believe me search on YouTube "petrol 2 wheelers catching fire"
    1. Why NOBODY is talking about it? 2. What action have these ICE 2Wheeler makers taken?
    3. Has there been any recalls?… EVER?
    4. What action has the govt taken on Petrol 2 wheeler fires?

  4. EVs are good for ride-sharing only. If you buy it for personal use, given how bad the terms of warranty are, they are as good as buying an overpriced, planned obsolescent gadget.

  5. even first gen of nano got caught on fire but now see where they have reached they make one of the toughest cars now nexon ,safari, harrier no other budget car brand can beat them in safety, give OLA time they will be the next TATA .. believe in your country brands don't just mock.

  6. Shame on indians who are trolling Ola just one scooter caught fire even tesla cars caught fire in hundreds y don't u troll Tesla 😡😡 Yes I'm not supporting Ola nor criticizing but they are new to this sector let them get mature give them some time even our Tata and Mahindra took some decades to settle themselves

  7. people need to put OLA on trial for doing such a big scam. no auto company do or did what ola did shame on the ceo. because of the ceo people working at ola are disgusted. ask to to learn on how build flawless bicycle then they can go for manufacturing cars. if they decided to build cars they will be bankrupt in 1 one. ask dyson for enquiry on how to build a car

  8. LP reacted d ryt way, she is vur.Monster need of over drama, or over consider ations. She don't deserve *considerationss. Lp പറഞ്ഞ പോലെ,, ജീവിതം തുടങ്ങിയല്ലേ ഉള്ളു, പഠിക്കട്ടെ.

  9. Only one electric ola scooter caught fire yet people are trolling as if thousands caught fire. Looks like anti Ola lobby is in full swing.

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