Pixar's New CARS Animated Series is Worrying

Cars returns in CARS ON THE ROAD, a new Disney+ animated series featuring Lightning McQueen and Mater on a cross-country road trip together. This concept moves racing aside in favor of exploring new worlds, which is risky. Could it actually turn out well for Pixar?

Cars 2 is generally agreed upon as the worst Pixar movie because of its generic (and complicated) plot that didn’t relate much to the cars themselves. With Cars on the Road following a similar formula of not prioritizing the race aspect of the franchise, it might end up being a disappointment.

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  1. if this is like mater tall tales, then this is what it has come down to. Even if it's not like Maters tall tales, I'm happy the Car franchise didn't give up, hopefully there will be more Cars franchise things!

  2. I hated Cars 2, and I never understood why anyone would like it, now that I’m older and using the internet I see that I wasn’t in the minority 😂

  3. Be honest the third one WAS FIRE. And a cross country road trip can be fun. But it needs to be realistic etc. and build on the story of cars 3. A retired race hero.

  4. Cars 2 was the best movie from the franchise. I still don't see why people don't agree with this.

  5. i hope its just like Cars 2. seriously leave cars 2 alone. It's been 10 years. We don't need a whole decade to bash it. It's getting ridiculous. yall really out here melting.

  6. it might work out because Maters Tall Tales was apart of the Cars Franchise and it had nothing to do with racing. This might work out

  7. I’m my opinion the cars movies were ok, but I think Disney is just making more for the money, because they know a lot of little kids like the franchise, then beg their parents for movie tickets or merch or whatever 😂

  8. Don’t know why you guys hate Cars 2? I thought it was good. Spys, villains, worlds. Cars doesn’t always needs to be about racing. Nobody complaining about Maters tall tales.

    My favorite part was Radiator Springs vs The lemons.

  9. The most worrying thing is where is Lizzie where is she she is the oldest living resident! Is she dead or what? I hope she appears

  10. I really wish in cars 4 will return to the World Grand Prix but allinol will be replaced because it was dangerous for the racers. And I also wish that Lightning and Cruz would also race in the WGP.

  11. Cars 1: RACING!
    Cars 2: A Complicated Spy Thriller About Lemon Cars Starting An Alternative Fuel Conspiracy To Drive More Business Into The Oil And Gas Car Industry
    Cars 3: RACING!

  12. Am I the only one who genuinely enjoyed cars 2? Like for me it wasn't just about taking a risk with spy stuff but becoming aware that there may be more to you than meets the eye. What potential you could have and just being there for your best friend(s) the best ways possible. And to me it was genuinely hilarious. Especially that whole "WHAT IS HAPPENING?!" Francesco (going off what the internet said it was for his character) said. That sent me into stitches. But that's just me I'm guessing. I didn't care for the 3rd one. It wasn't that great in my opinion, but I'm glad others enjoy it

  13. As alot of people have said Maters tall tales was great and had nothing to do with racing. Maybe disney seen an upsurge of views of them on disney+ so they wanted to give the people more of the franchise with lightning but after cars 3 how could they make him race? Personally my son and me cant wait for fall 2022

  14. Considering the last time Pixar took a risk this big was with Cars 2, I think only time will tell whether this will turn out well or not

  15. I didn't know people hated Cars 2.
    I mean, I hardly remember if I ever watched it, but still.

  16. Even though I shouldn't, I hold cars to my nostalgia and even though I'm on the 5% liking Cars 2 or just thinking it's fine, I'm gonna give this show a shot. The ideas seem like a full length mater tall tale but who knows what will happen. Let's just hope it does us a solid and make it at least passable and enjoyable.

  17. If these aren’t canonically fictional stories, the Dino Cars are gonna screw up the Pixar Theory big time

  18. Yeah I feel like this will be a maters tail tales kinda thing and those were presto good so I think I’ll be fine

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