REVEALED: Here's Why Cars Are Getting More EXPENSIVE | 4K

The price of both new and used cars is rising steadily, but have you ever stopped to ask why? Rory looks into the factors affecting the massive growth in cost, and whether there’s anything that can be done to stop it.

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  1. You know what, car prices go up because people are stupid enough to pay these prices. It is not only cars it is all, parts, labour, taxes, licensing, everything went up. Maybe it is just money printing machines globally causing this inflation in almost every industry. People were sitting at home and getting their pay checks. That must hurt economy and value of money.

  2. To put the increase in price into perspective and how even used cars have increased in value, 3 years ago I bought a Mazda 2 from 2009 for 42,000 danish crowns (DKK). I was just offered 45,000DKK a few years ago, and the car is now 3 years older and has driven 40,000km more than when I've bought it, yet still it's increased in value.

  3. Maybe not enough ice cars coming down to the used car market since manufacturers make increasingly more ev. EV don’t exactly have second hand value or market.

  4. 3:43
    This comment is so naive, even pathetic.
    Dude, quantitative easings, your money is worth less and less.
    But stay away from this "conspiracy" and asleep too.

  5. "High prices are here to stay" "We will consciously undersupply demand levels"
    I don't believe this is the future for a second. If all carmakers make luxurious, higher priced cars for which there is a waiting list, they leave a certain market segment unfulfilled. It's only a matter of time until someone fills it with simpler, (much) cheaper cars which are instantly available.
    Right now no-one can fill this because of the shortage of components and materials. Ones this is resolved, it will be business like in the old days.

  6. Most People don't need a car they want one, countries around the World need to invest much more into Public Transport and HSR especially outside of Western Europe and East Asia

  7. A new car can easily cost more than an entire year of wages…that's pretty backwards if you ask me. I miss the days where consumer friendly and open to everyone was the business model, and exclusivity didn't really exist.

  8. I bought a nearly new Peugeot 308 for £14k in 2017 – had 3,000 miles on the clock. Nowadays I could buy nothing for that price unless it was very old and had loads of miles on the clock.

  9. Adjusted with inflation, 25,000 GBP in 2005 today is 39,000 GBP…

    So, actually, cars are getting cheaper.

  10. All the gadgets and unnecessary extras all add cost.. electric everything, body coloured everything, adjustable everything, storage everywhere and usb sockets, mirrors, etc. all add to the price

  11. Bmw m3 prices
    M3 straight 6: 61k euro
    M3 v8: 69k euro
    M3 straight 6 turbo: 85ish?
    Last m3: almost 100k

    I fiat panda was 8k 15 years ago… now starts frim 13k

  12. Fascinating, to be honest I don't want a new car, I just want an electric conversion for my existing cars, that isn't going to come from the big manufacturers' anytime soon.

  13. I’m just convinced at this point that emissions legislations just exist to make living a polluting lifestyle a “luxury”.

  14. I was surprised to see the comparisons were based only on list/cash prices rather than on lease/finance rates, because hardly anyone will (or can afford to) buy cars with cash these days. If used car values are going up, that means lower depreciation, which offsets higher list prices, so lease rates don't necessarily go up in tandem. Time will tell if buyers of new cars end up paying more in real terms but I suspect probably not.
    Reducing oversupply is great not only for increasing values, but it will also encourage longer ownership periods, which is no bad thing.

  15. I was at a car dealer yesterday, they had little stock and it was 6 to 8 months minimum to get a new car.
    A year old version of the exact same car with 14k miles on it was priced at £3k more than a new one.
    Forget it 🤪

  16. People are also buying less cars. At least the people I know, most of them don’t have a car now, and don’t want to have a car anymore. If you live in a big, congested city and public transportation is cheaply available, I’d rather not drive.

  17. All down to market share and somebody deciding they want more of the market. At that point its going to bite them.

  18. Cars are getting more expensive and very expensive cars are getting even more expensive as their buyers can afford them. At the bottom, there is limited choice and used is the only option for most people.

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