1. i see your potential in cars if you take it seriously you can make serious bread like Doug d meuro he reviews supercars and hypercars the top cars and luxury cars and now he has his own collection

  2. If ur willing to spend more, mercedes has amazing performing cars like AMG GT or th C63 AMG or the AMG GLE 63. pretty much any AMG performs amazingly. defintely up there with audi rs and bmw m series and maybe even higher

  3. The Mercedes’ is a budget car you see the interior and the back before u use it I have been in many Mercedes’ and every driver ik uses the calling either Bluetooth or manually dialling the cla isn’t made in Germany and was never meant for the luxury a amg or c63 at this point ur just chatting shit u saw the back before buying it Mercedes’ is class but in the world of Mercedes’ that is like the middle child nobody cares for

  4. Those 1.5 litre engines in those Mercedes of those years are basically a Renault/Nissan engine, check loads of the bits inside too. You’ll find Renault diamond logos and also some Nissan branding on parts. Not being a snob here as I own a Renaultsport Clio cup, Bmw 335d and a Audi tt rs. I wouldn’t be happy if I spent that money on that cla, it’s a badly built car with a prestige badge on the front.

  5. If u want a car to drive buy a bmw 3 series they’re fast and sporty and also you can get it in 4 wheel drive

  6. CLAs are honestly shit. Theres nothing classy or cool about them. Only uk roadman think theyre sick driving in these😂

  7. If you get a cheap and older model of Mercedes you can’t expect it to be good. It’s a base model.

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