Seriously Avoid These New Cars

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  1. They wanted like 6-7k more for the Kia seltos when I went in to a dealership here in New York 🤦🏽‍♂️

  2. Shouldn’t you all just go along with fuel savings just to reduce emissions if not for the financial issue? I guess you are all waiting for the Government to tell you what to do instead of doing it yourself. Pathetic!

  3. If you can, but used, and WAIT!!
    Prices,will fall down. Any,excuses, they will raise their prices. WAIT.
    Be smart.

  4. Start and stop the engine will likely kill your battery thus the money you saved will end up buying a new car battery sooner 🙄

  5. I just paid MSRP minus $1500 rebate for a new Toyota Prius Prime. Got a great trade too. The Prius gets 55-65mpg if you charge the battery and use the EV mode. Gas can go to $10 per gallon and I'll be just fine. Prius drives great, is very comfortable and very safe. Acceleration is fine – all you need. These other cars are instantly obsolete in an era of high gas prices.

  6. In my area (central Texas) the local Ford/ Hyundai/ VW dealership has a tactic of advertising the vehicle for MSRP, and then adding 4k to every vehicle, and then a market adjustment for popular models. It's really deceptive that the vehicles cannot be purchased for the advertised price (plus TTL).

  7. We love when customers blindly sign buyers order with the 5k markup on every car and they’re not even blinking

  8. I don’t have this feature on my Kia but it is on my daughters Toyota where the restart is activated simply by lifting off the brake. I can accelerate once the power is available. I expect that starters are more efficient than in older models and my new Niro HEV works that way anyway. Once I understood how the feature worked it was easy to adjust.

  9. It`s not just a matter of gas mileage savings. It`s also wear and tear on your starter and battery. I believe they offset any long term savings and might even cost more due to high mechanic costs. Of course if it`s under warranty then that goes out the window if they can even get the parts these days.

  10. For the Prius I drove, the restart was seemless. The MPG meter in the car confirmed idling (as it did when cold) used a bunch of gas.

  11. My rental car in Texas kept shutting off at lights. I was like WTH? I’ll never buy a car with that feature.

  12. This "feature" may save gas, but what about wear and tear on the engine and other related parts?

  13. So what's the savings in fuel compared to replacement cost of the starter? Lots of folks are stuck in traffic daily. If their car stops / restarts an extra 10 times a day, 5 days a week. How long will that starter / battery / sensor last? If that part of the system fails (not just disabled or bypassed) will the car even start?

  14. If you purchase any vehicle that is priced over MSP, then you have made a rash decision. You are underwater right after you drive off the lot initially. When you pay over MSP, you are even deeper under water.

  15. I’m keeping my cars until the market goes back to normal. Even if it takes 10 years. I refuse to pay over MSRP

  16. Nobody is putting a gun to your head to buy a car. If you don't like the price, don't buy it.

  17. You can find kits on eBay and Amazon that reverse the function of your stop/start button. They are easy to install and turn off the start/stop feature when your vehicle is first started and and if you want to use that feature then you have to push the stop/start button to turn it on.

  18. There needs to be a nationwide list somewhere on which dealers are charging markups so when the market settles back down and dealers need customers we will know who took care of customers in the hard times.

  19. I bought my 2021 mustang ecoboost 101a couple of weeks ago and i got it about 1k under sticker.

  20. New GMC Yukon Denali's are around 10-15k over MSRP in my area. Every time I call a dealer to find out if they are over MSRP, I right down the name of the dealers that are charging over so I never shop there when things get back to somewhat normal. I got a long list ha. I've found quite a few that will let me build one at MSRP so they're the ones I'll go to in the future. I can't believe we've normalized dealers doing this. Who in their right mind pays more than MSRP?

  21. A couple of months ago I was traveling and ended up renting a Nissan Pathfinder with this "feature". Not only was it annoying, it was somewhat dangerous. Sitting at a light, the engine would shut down, and on startup when I wanted to move forward, it would lurch forward hard without warning. I don't know if this was functioning as intended, and granted if I were about to go anyway because the light had changed it wouldn't be an issue. But if I were just trying to close the distance between myself and the vehicle in front of me, or were trying to pull up slowly to see both ways at a stop sign, this unintended surge could easily have resulted in my hitting another car or a pedestrian. I quickly got in the habit of turning it off…

  22. I haven’t been shopping for a new car in a couple years but I’ll be damned if I’ll pay above sticker for ANY vehicle. The profit at sticker is still to high. I’ll buy a bike before I’ll spend that much on a car.

  23. I was able to get a Jeep GCL, Explorer Timberline and Telluride SX at MSRP, but not a Highlander Hybrid and decided to preorder a Sequoia (at MSRP) instead

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