1. When maruti Suzuki launches his EV products, then only indian peoples think to buy EV's …..
    Waiting & hope for brezza ev, baleno/swift ev 😍

  2. Nice review Ashis ji. We people always want more but when it comes to cost and other practicalities, only those product win who deliver a all-round performance. EVs have already became viable for City commute. Awaiting to see more charging stations so that people get confidence for long drive.

  3. I wish I could say that I like Tata cars as much I like Mr Tata, unfortunately not. No creativity in battery placement, thus limiting the boot space too much. The car looks!! I better don't speak about that.

  4. Major issue is range….jese ab electric bike ki range 230 tak ho gayi he to car ki 500-600km honi chahiye or jese jese technology aage bade it should go to around 1000km . Or jab 1000km range dene lag jayenge tab sab jan ev car lenge.

  5. EV's costing bit high on budget for middle class so people who buy it will also be wanting to use it for outstation journery too. So untill charging stations aren't setup every 50 kms atleast the price is not justifiable. Petrol+cng is still best option

  6. For a moment I thought, that I was watching my car helpline (Gagan sir) YouTube channel… With the new intro of Asish sir ❤️

  7. Tigor is a Ghar ka na ghat model. Its a Tiago with a boot space Nothing new except EV.
    Auro also is the same. And most Indians have rejected both & bought Dzire & Amaze for better Cabin space & Rear Seat Comfort.
    Its always foolishness to buy Tata Cars at the launch as they have always corrected their mistakes after a year. Hence its buyers who feels cheated & let down for buying at the launch.
    Though they promise 300 kms but in real world it may offer you around 200-220 kms maximum. To confirm Check Nexon EV owners review its almost 30-35% less than they promise.
    Its better to buy a Good Conditioned used Dzire, Axent or Tigor and install a CNG kit for around 45K & Save 4-5 lacs.
    Presently EVs are in the state of evolution there warranty for 8 years also is a joke as most of time the Batteries do not last long. Warranty & Guarantee are valid only on papers. Nobody offers replacement guarantee for 8 years. It might be 3-4 years replacement & than Its we who will have pay 40-60% for their reduced life for replacement.

  8. Iska jo Engine hai jo ki Nahi Hai 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Wah sir wah apka concept sabse hat k Aur Jabardast Hota h 🤗

  9. Asish sir your explanation is very helpful aap personally mjhe bhut dwon to erth lgte h specially aapke bolne ka trika MashaAllah

  10. Sir
    ab aap Malang aur saasu maa words use nhi krte,,apka vo soft light comedy mood achha lgta hai,,,aap ko kisi tv channel per aane ka try krna chahie,,,,

  11. As always, Ashish Masih Sir covered each and every point in this review but I have a question, I have seen many reviews of Tigor EV but no one has given any details if this car has front storage space or not? And where the charger can be stored?

  12. Hi Sir, Nice reveiw as always and i learn a lot from you.. but i highly doubt this car will attract the mass population aka middle class.. for e.g if a person has a budget of buying a tigor petrol(70% population in india).. its obvious he cant stretch the budget this much as the savings on petrol will be already added to the price of the ev.
    it cab be an excellent option for someone with this budget of 13lacs. 🙂

  13. Great review sir, like the way you put up things. I am a proud owner of petrol Tigor. Super build quality and ride comfort as you said. If this car runs 300kms on a full charge under eco driving then this car would become the star. We need to love and promote our brands …

  14. Chummaaa package… 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 I can't stop laughing all through when I recall Ashish sir cracking this again and again… 😘😘


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