The 2022 Toyota Avanza E Is Now A Handsome MPV! [Car Feature]

The 2022 Toyota Avanza E Is Now A Handsome MPV! [Car Feature]

The 2022 Toyota Avanza has arrived in the Philippines and it looks more handsome than ever! The 2022 Toyota Avanza E is the same as the Daihatsu Xenia, and is also the base of the Toyota Veloz. In this Filipino car review, we take a tour of the 2022 Toyota Avanza E and see what changes were made to this mid-spec model. The 2022 Toyota Avanza E is the mid-spec variant of the Avanza, slotting in below the 2022 Toyota Avanza G. The Toyota Veloz may also make its way to the Philippines, which may have the same price as the Toyota Rush. The 2022 Toyota Avanza comes in 4 variants locally, with this 2022 Toyota Avanza E coming in as the mid-spec variant.
The Daihatsu Xenia is the twin of the Toyota Avanza, but since Daihatsu is not sold in the Philippines, we only have the Toyota Avanza here.

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  1. First thanks for the this great review, i would like to ask question about the air-conditioning system is there still no cabin filter for the toyota avanza 2022 ?and how's the avanza air-conditioning system it's very cold? To be honest I'm not happy our 2016 toyota avanza air-conditioning system i did by my self for the cabin filter

  2. Solid upgrade from chassis to looks. Why would you want a 17-inch on that tiny body? Even the Innova gets 16 for E/G models. you can always upgrade to bigger rims but tire height will be lower.

  3. The last feature of its third row makes you save more money instead of going to the pricey hotels. Nice

    Oh, I also agree that this needs a larger set of wheels because it's going to be shaky. 🤣

  4. It looks really good and has been built for practical purposes like carrying alot of big cargos and family/friends roadtrip but the only thing that scares me is the front wheel drive… Imagine going up a gradient of 5% or 10% slope and carrying a heavy load ex: (Your whole family/friends or Heavy cargo)… Your front tire would slip and loose traction. You'd have to be a very experienced driver if you want to drive this in the terrains of the Philippines while on heavy load. Not to mention weather conditions…but it's overall practicality with how and why its built is a real legend. When Toyota showcased the front hood, I was so stoked and amazed to see it changed so much. Well done Toyota.

  5. Thanks for the review👍🏻congrats toyota, tama ka sir talagang MAS maganda na yang bagong labas same model, madalas naman talaga ganyan kapag bago pero payo ko lang don’t say negative or bad para sa luma kasi una iisang model at brand ang nirereview mo or kahit na sabihin na nating sa ibang brand, para sa akin ang old gen. avanza sa pagkakaalam ko mataas ang sale kasi bukod sa toyota ang unang nakapaglabas for the MPV live (avanza) maganda at mura naman kasi nong time na bagong labas din para sa iba and then kaya nga naglabasan na din ang ibang brand for the MPV line. (correct me if im wrong).

  6. You think we'll be getting the Veloz later this year? We always seem to be getting inferior specs, but for a higher price, compared to those they're selling in Indonesia, Thailand and even Myanmar.

  7. Good morning Raygan, I am moving to Cavite in May and need an Suv type vehicle (AT gas or D). I have up to 1.2 million pesos (cash). What can I get for that? (New preferred or certified pre-owned (2020 – 2021))? Any help would be greatly appreciated or someone I can contact via email for now until I arrive in the Philippines. Salamat

  8. Saw one earlier in the dealership and i think toyota is getting more competitive now. With Raize released and now the new Avanza with pretty good features. Hope they continue this with the rush, and innova, especially the seats which folds like this.

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