The best new cars coming in 2020, that you can afford

Best new cars coming in 2020:
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Join us as we list the most exciting affordable cars coming out in 2020. There’s never been a more varied choice of new motor to choose from – such as the fully-electric BMW iX3, sporty Honda Civic Type R and family-focused SEAT Leon proving there’s something to cater for all new car buyers.

2020 will also be an important year for Volkswagen as it seeks to take on the electric car segment with the ID.3. The new Golf GTI will also aim to tempt buyers looking for a more old-school style of hot hatch motoring.

The Land Rover Defender is one of hotly anticipated cars of the year and will have to be good to deserve the legendary badge. Modern styling may have upset the Defender faithful but will its off-road capability win customers over?

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  1. This will be exciting 😊😁😁 because car lover I'm sure everybody will be exciting we're going to be released in 21 yes cars are the best thing in the world new cars are the best thing in the

  2. Who can afford these? It is madness when £29k is considered cheap. Am I the only person who was completely uninspired by this lot. More and more stupid touch screens everywhere. Why is it illegal to use a mobile phone in a car but the car companies can build touch tablets into all of their new cars. This should be illegal. It is no wonder that car sales have been falling for ages if this is the best they can do. They should put back rotary controls and get rid of this rubbish. And I bet they all have keyless entry to make it easier for them to be stolen and hybrid so that the catalytic converters can be stolen. I didn't find any of these inspiring. The new Skoda Octavia looks ugly. The Honda Civic is a joke. Good for journalists and Japanese Drag racers. For the rest of us it is just a car to ensure the police monitor your speed like a hawk. All a load of junk and not suitable for sensible motorists. If Autoexpress thinks these are affordable and exciting then something is seriously wrong with them.

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