The BEST new cars you can buy in 2021: Auto Express New Car Awards

What are the best new cars on sale this year? Find out in the 2021 Auto Express New Car Awards.

Our expert road testers have picked the best new cars you can buy across 29 categories, ranging from superminis and SUVs to performance cars and electric cars. The final, most coveted award is the 2021 Auto Express Car of the Year – watch to find out which car takes the honours…

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0:00 Introduction
0:45 City Car of the Year
1:03 Supermini of the Year
1:21 Family Car of the Year
1:39 Estate Car of the Year
1:58 Small Company Car of the Year
2:16 Mid-size Company Car of the Year
2:34 Large Company Car of the Year
2:52 Small SUV of the Year
3:10 Mid-size SUV of the Year
3:29 Large SUV of the Year
3:47 Small Premium SUV of the Year
4:05 Mid-size Premium SUV of the Year
4:23 Large Premium SUV of the Year
4:41 Luxury Car of the Year
4:59 Hot Hatch of the Year
5:17 Coupe of the Year
5:35 Convertible of the Year
5:54 Performance Car of the Year
6:11 Affordable Electric Car of the Year
6:29 Premium Electric Car of the Year
6:47 Affordable Hybrid Car of the Year
7:05 Premium Hybrid Car of the Year
7:23 Pick-up of the Year
7:41 Electric Van of the Year
7:59 Van of the Year
8:17 Design Award
8:36 Technology Award
8:53 Hall of Fame Inductees
9:08 Car of the Year

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  1. You guys are going to have to give a reason why you gave these awards so until you can give some facts about the cars this is for all the sucker.

  2. Love to see that compared to carwow your not completely biased towards Audi and other vag products, much better.

  3. So… except for a few Mercs and one BMW there were very few German cars here then. Not one Audi? Are you sure? And the BMW 3 series is not the benchmark of the class anymore? Hmmmm 😛

  4. Imagine travelling to the future and finding the Landrover Defender is a midsize SUV and sheep farming is a sport.

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