The LEAST SAFE new cars to CRASH in!

When buying a new car in 2020 it’s fair to say that chances are, it’ll have a pretty high safest rating. However, unfortunately, that’s not always the case! Sure, a car may have received five stars in its Euro NCAP safety rating – but does that really mean you’ll be totally safe if you have a crash? And are there any cars that received such a low rating that you should just avoid them altogether?! There’s only one way to find out… Stick with Mat and check out his top 13 list!

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  1. Now I'm pretty much sure, Jimmy will be introduced in India. Maruti Suzuki sells the least safe cars in India (except S-cross & Brezza). Most of their cars scored 0-3 in GNCAP rating with abs, airbag, structure and other things.

  2. Fiat Panda got 0 stars… but the Fiat Panda Cross from the same generation got 3 stars.. and the Fiat Panda from the previous generation got 5 stars. The rating system might be a bit random.

  3. How does somthing with 89% get a lower score than 88% i dont trust the star rating… better off watching the actual crash tests to see what will happen to you
    I owned a dihatsu handivan that had a 5 star rating but a standard truck tyre was higher than my bonet.. the car also weighed 900kg… how can a 900kg car save you from a crash with a 40-100 ton truck yea your going to die… small cars should not be allowed to get 5 start

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