The Most Luxurious Electric Car in Monaco! New Mercedes EQS | Nico Rosberg

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So cool to test drive the brand new Mercedes EQS here in Monaco! It’s phenomenal to experience pure luxury – but it’s not only luxury, you just don’t feel a compromise anymore between the combustion and electric version. Great step! I’m taking you through all the technical details of the EQS and of course I’m driving the car through Monaco and pushing the Mercedes EQS 0-100 in the mountains…I’m looking forward to your feedback!

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  1. The exterior looks bad because of how little drag there is. people wont even bother to see what it can do or whats inside since it looks like that. They know that now and they tellling nico to advertise

  2. Sad to see the screens totally dominate the interior. For me, the quality of a MB trim was what used to set it apart from rivals. Now the individual personality of models is being eroded.

  3. The 360 view at 4:15 looks cool, but like, the framerate & ui performance. How can you sell a 150k car which has almost half a second of input lag in the 360 view on top of it having a framerate similar to that of a powerpoint presentation

  4. Finally a car that could be considered for Australia where driving long distances is the norm. Well done Mercedes. Now just make a Ute version and we won’t need diesel petrol stations and farmers can go electric.

  5. The whole concept and execution are exceptional. Good to see manufacturers coming through to push Tesla everyone needs good completion to improve. Plus Mercedes’ have taken opportunities to get best in class air cleaning onboard. Bravo

  6. May that luxury become affordable for many, then we have a great luxury. The electronics are superb, and I too love the 10 degrees of wheels parking feature. Back massage while driving? Not sure. What’s about a perfectly ergonomic seat with zero gravity in mind? Not saying “custom made” like your F1 seats, but close …♥️

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