The New 2022 Range Rover Is an Amazing Ultra-Luxury SUV


New 2022 Range Rover full tour! The new 2022 Range Rover is an exceptional SUV — and a fantastic luxury vehicle. Today I’m showing you all around the new 2022 Range Rover, and I’ll show you the quirks and features of the newly released Range Rover.


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  1. Imo, Ford really ruined this car. Ford made their SUV look so much like the Range Rover that now whenever I see Range Rover, it just reminds me of Ford.

  2. Just like iPhone always the old ones are better am not saying its not nice but i Stick with my 2005 Vogue

  3. @12:52 reverse lights sitting all the way down below should be a crime. Do you want someone to run into you coz they weren't able to see your reverse lights right above your exhausts? they should mandate it being at least halfway on the body.

  4. I do not like the new look of it. It reminds me of how cars look like in games when the textures don't load.

  5. Whats that giant silver U on the side of the door? its so odd, it has no relation to the car add an N and you will have a UN SUV.

  6. The success of the Range Rover in America forced Ford to create the Explorer, which is now America's best selling SUV.

  7. Problem is the screens. After a few years, no more software updates and you're stuck with glitches. Why not some high-end rugged dials to complete the look? Why not at least offer it as an option for the look for ornate simplicity?

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  10. Not saying they aren't amazing vehicles, but I have worked at a Jaguar land rover and 95% of the vehicles I worked on were under 30k miles, replaced multiple engines on vehicles with 60-20K miles. Hopefully the new ownership has changed that.

  11. Pfff… all those new features could’ve been introduced 10 years ago, just more leather, screens and led. What a ripoff!

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