These 10 NEW cars were WORSE than their predecessors!

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As cars switch from one generation to the next, you can expect them to undergo a number of changes. From design refreshes (both inside and out), along with likely engine & performance updates, any new generation will certainly see a transformation compared to older models.

The problem is, these changes aren’t always for the better! And in some cases, the latest generation of cars can actually RUIN the great reputation the predecessor had built!

With that in mind, we’ve done our research and found the ten cars which shattered the popularity of their predecessor. Hatchbacks, sports cars and electric cars – they’re all included! The question is, have you ever been unfortunate to buy one of the cars in our list? Let us know in the comments!


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  1. The first generation prius came with free batteries for life for the original owners, considering they’re necessary about every 5 years and they cost thousands of dollars, that was quite the deal. The first civic type r was the best looking by far, less is more. Most people would rightfully be embarrassed to drive the other civic type r’s. The newer ones were trying too hard and look over engineered

  2. What about the crappy disgusting FWD BMW 1 Series that replaced a fantastic RWD predecessor? This is the worst change ever!

  3. One of my 8values an my 16v smoked the boots of almost all golfs the 8v evenbeat 325i Beemers man I miss that car the amount of times I revedthe super fast 8value next to cars where the driver would laugh till I smoked is boots an proper fast cars normally shit out at 110 i.e. two fiat uno turbs.

  4. As a Need for Speed Underground fan, I'm impressed that you essentially managed to insult 20% of the cars in that game in a single video.

  5. 8:14
    You had, from GTI:
    Diesel 115hp and later 150hp(in some countries were only selling 150 version) …
    Petrol GTI 170hp (2,3 NA) 180hp (1,8t) and 210hp(1,8t)…

  6. Mustang was never muscle car. It's a pony car. They invented the category. Little horse on the front is a hint. Muscle cars were big bodies.
    And you can still get free supercharging from time to time they bring it back to drum up sales.

  7. What about audi rs6? The rs6 c7 has more horsepower, weighs less and brakes better than the rs6 c8.

  8. Not only the free supercharging is included. the new cars with their silicon doped anode cells will have much much higher degradation than the original. just like the model 3, Bjorn found out that the model 3 is having as much as 8% degradation after just 50k miles. the battery warranty is worse too, indicating the lack of confidence in Tesla's new cells. so if you do buy a new Tesla, buy the biggest battery you can afford.

  9. How can the M5 e60 be better than the M5 f10 if the M5 e60 has often problems with the engine.

  10. The fn2 is better than the ep3 in a few different ways, it was faster round a lot of tracks too

  11. I don´t understand people who think Bangle´s Bimmers were rubbish looking. The E60 and E64 are good examples. I like E65 too, even the pre-facelift.

  12. Actually it‘s not the pre-2017 Tesla Model S, it‘s the pre-second-week-of-April-of-2017 Model S. 🤷🏻‍♂️
    I got one that’s from March of 2017 and it has the nicer looking front, the gen 3 seats with cooling and lifetime free charging. Also, there‘s the option of swapping out the „brains“ for the most recent iteration, making it effectively the absolute best option you can have. 😉

  13. Surely the worst engine in the mk5 golf gti was the 2.0 petrol? 115bhp and only had 10 more hp than the 1.6 😅

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