These Are The Best and Worst All New Cars & Trucks From The 2021 Chicago Auto Show!

( ) Welcome back to TFLtalk! Roman and Andre just returned from the 2021 Chicago Auto Show, and in this podcast they’re going over some of the hits and misses we saw at this year’s event.

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0:00 – Intro
1:19 – Kia EV6
10:47 – Jeep Compass
12:54 – Jeep Wrangler Rubicon Xtreme Recon
15:26 – Ford GT Heritage Edition
21:02 – Nissan Z Proto
28:54 – Volkswagen GTI & Golf R
31:41 – Ram 1500 Laramie G/T, Rebel G/T and BackCountry
36:28 – Ford Maverick First Edition
49:05 – Ford F-150 Lightning
1:02:08 – One more miss…


  1. I get the complaint about “x miles in a minutes,” to the extent it’s a very simplistic statistic- but it makes sense, now, for consumers because it’s the biggest complaint people have for EVs- how far I can go per charge and how long it will take to recharge. We can say, for ICE cars, “24 mpg” bc people know they can add a gallon of gas in 5 seconds.

  2. Ford couldn’t really help the commoditization of the GT- they don’t build it. It’s not a mass produced vehicle from one of their factories, but a hand built super car from an actual race car manufacturer, Multimatic. Maximum volume was always going to just be Andrew hundred cars a year.

  3. My best experience has been Grinwald Ford here in Watertown, WI. Family owned and they don’t markup… on anything. The sales guy I go to stated they are one of the very few in WI who won’t markup cars. Most dealers here have up to 15k markup on Broncos and 2k on all other Ford vehicles. Big fan of them and how easy they are to deal with.

  4. LoL, the 350Z is not dying on the vine. My Z gets looks and starts conversations with strangers almost every time i drive it.

  5. if I could get a ford gt for sticker id buy one cant see paying $1,200,000 for $699,000 car lot of Buyers where speculaotrs smee in England takes his gt all over Europe and has brought it to the us he should get a chance to get the 2022 gt heritage ed he's the brand ambassador ford hand picked , like that new Nissan z car

  6. All the Southern Dealerships here in the Tidewater area of Southern Virginia are Absolutely Customer Based. They put the customer first and work with the best they can.

  7. I want to know how far I can go after a 20 min charge from 20%
    and I want to know Max Distance after a night charging at home.

    two parts to that, how much energy is being transferred,
    how much energy is needed to move the vehicle.

  8. Shmee does drive his ford GT and he tracks on the Nuremberg and also in 2019 he did a road trip from New York to Florida and then to California with his Ford GT

  9. What are they going to do to make their Bronco more famous than OJ's? 95 million people watched the OJ chase. TFL's top video has 4 million views.

    Is Roman planning to murder Andre and then lead police in a low speed chase up the Ike gauntlet?

  10. Im beyond tired of waiting on the hype. This bullshit of releasing a vehicle 2 years before you can actually get one was dead on arrival. Ford is dead to me. Preordered the Bronco and now I'm getting a Can Am side by side. The hard part is getting my dumb ass dealership to actually cancel my order. I'm looking at you Stuckey Ford or Joel Confer Ford, Bellefonte, PA or whatever you are now.

  11. “I don’t know if we are gunna agree on this” hahahah I laughed so hard. I’m gunna use that in the future. No need to argue, just admit you’ll both never agree 😂

  12. i will NEVER own an electric car or a hybrid. but for the "climate crisis" folks out there, the small electric cars will work "somewhat" in the congested urban areas of the U.S. where travel distances will average less than 100 miles per day and availability of charging stations will not be a problem. HOWEVER, liberals, Democrats and the climate crisis folks ALL think "the United States" is the East Coast, West Coast and the large cities in between. IT ISN'T!! i flip houses and i have several trucks including a cummings RAM 3500. i use these trucks to haul building materials and to tow rented equipment – skid loaders, excavators, etc. someone like me WILL NEVER buy an electric truck unless someone produces one something like a diesel/electric train engine with a range of 500 miles and a 2 hour full charge capability. it's clear that you CANNOT tow ANYTHING with the electric vehicle technology available today. AND – various tests have shown that battery capability declines dramatically in cold weather – which of course, HAPPENS ONCE A YEAR in most of the U.S.!! finally, if you want to STUN a liberal or a Democrat or a 25 year old "climate crisis" protester, ask them where the electricity is going to come from to power all the new electric vehicles along with EVERYTHING ELSE that runs on electricity in the U.S. NONE of these people have an answer to that question. right now, there are over 200 MILLION internal combustion vehicles registered in the U.S. electric or hybrid-electric vehicles only make up about 2 percent of all U.S. vehicles. America already has electric "brown-outs" and "rolling black-outs" in California and Texas and other states. tell me how you are going to drop 200 MILLION electric vehicles onto the present electric grid increasing the electric demand by some "exponential" number? the ENTIRE "electric car madness" is nothing more than POLITICAL NONSENSE!! when you get down to asking ANYONE how this "magic new electricity supply" is going to be created – NO ONE CAN ANSWER THAT QUESTION!!

  13. We have a Mustang Mach E GT on order, Ford of Clermont, Florida, has been pretty good on our purchasing experience.

  14. Excellent discussion as as always. You bring up excellent points. “The world is changing” It certainly is Ollie, but here’s the rub: we can either buy electric vehicles, which can’t tow, have charging anxiety, dealer scarcity, and by all accounts pollute and destroy the earth because of the battery material, or keep buying gas guzzlers that seem to be the bane of existence for many. Also, it’s pick your poison, buy electric vehicles with batteries from China, or gas from middle eastern sheiks who hate us too. What to do?

  15. Our car buying experience was pretty straightforward. We went in with a price in mind, told them to get it there and they did. We had financing already, but they wanted to see if they could beat it, and they not only beat it they smashed it by a mile.

    Summerville Ford, in Summerville SC.

  16. I love the new Z. Hope it kicks Zupras butt. Also hope there's a 4 cyl also to compete with the 4 banger Zupra, and because that's probably all the performance I need 😅

  17. Completely disagree with romans rant of charging. The reason your desire to have charge be explained as a rate of energy as being worthless is because up until recently, many cars took HOURS To charge. The reason things are now “150 miles of range in 30 minutes” is because one of the biggest turn away points to the tech was that you would have to stay over night somewhere to charge if you were driving across the state. Also, people are stupid. If you asked the average barista driving a model 3 that their mom bought them, zero baristas care about a kw/h. They want to know how long it’ll take them sitting in a charge station before they are back on the road to burning man. I’ll rain on the parade every time you’re so clearly disconnected from the crowd you’re talking about.

  18. the Ioniq 5 is a beauty. I'd buy that over the Kia any day. I just need a good warranty with it

  19. No, you can keep charging up to 80% and leapfrog. But as mentioned, The tiny number of people that tow across country can just stay with gas a few more years until the energy density increases.

  20. If you are using electrifying America to charge it may take you 20 minutes to get one of the chargers to work lol.

  21. Actually the electric charging rate sound right. Range is what people want to know charge doesn't mean shit. EVs it's all about range vs charge time. Gas is similar 40 MPG doesn't mean that much unless you know your tank size and do the math in your head. How far can I go on a full tank that is more useful information than MPG. EV charge rates is what is going to always be a Achilles Heel . Until you can charge to a full battery from empty as fast as filling a empty gas tank and similar range it will always be a issue. Also what no one is considering what happens when EVs take over the roads from gas how will there be enough charging locations? If a 10 pump gas station can service 120 vehicles a hour . How many charging stations will be needed when it takes 1/2 hour per vehicle and then no guarantee that it is fully charged . You will need massive parking lots of them . Who will have the time to wait hours for a charger to become available.?

  22. 45K for GOLF !!!!!???? Holy crap they have lost their damn minds. Are they trying to price them out of existence ?

  23. I just bought a new Prius prime as my commuter car and the dealer was great. I got a really good deal and am shockingly impressed with the car for the price. I had to travel 300 miles though.

  24. I have this debate about ev's constantly with a guy I work with. I live in a small town in Texas and he lives in Chicago. I drive a truck and he thought I'd be all sorts of excited about the F-150 Lightning, and I was like "yeah its cool, but…". I cannot get these practical questions out of my mouth before he starts getting all sorts of frustrated with me. I keep telling him we're nowhere close to having to generation capacity in this country to charge all these vehicles, and I tow a cmaper or a boat and I keep trying to tell him it's not that easy but I'm a naysayer as soon as I bring up these issues. And I can't imagine what DFW airport is going to look like when all these clowns who've never driven a truck try to park in that place and then not be charged up when they get home. And I knew that whole "power your house from the truck" thing was going to be a total joke. They need to be giving us money in the sunbelt to convert our houses to solar so we can take some load off the grid. Not to mention… what is going to happen to all of this lithium when the number of ev's gets really high?

  25. "our Friends at Ford had a BOOF"…… Andre you're killing me. How long have you been here in the US?

  26. Roman and Andre, I am responding to your argument about EV efficiency (mgpe) vs EV range. As a consumer of an EV, I am more interested in the range, whereas, as an ICE car driver, I am only interested in the MPG just because I do not have range anxiety with an ICE vehicle. I am with Andre on this one!

  27. Nice chemistry – the new metal of the year, unobtainium. Says it all!!
    Borrowing Andre’s Powerboost in case you need a 25 mile infusion for the Mini?
    Look forward to hearing more about the Mini!!

  28. I see the F150 Lighting, if priced right and the battery range is decent becoming a good option for fleet vehicles for localities and companies that need pickup trucks but don’t necessarily spend a lot of time towing.

  29. Ford is messing up not offering the Maverick Hybrid in AWD…. Must be undoable because battery takes up space where drive shaft would be.

  30. There are absolutely inexpensive options to allow you to safely and legally connect a portable generator, truck or otherwise, to your house.

  31. Good looking style but when are they going to put on the top coat? I have to say it is one of the better looking cars with just a primer finish on it.

  32. Running my house with a powerboost F150 or lightning truck is simple. An extension cord to the fridge. Another cord for a tv, radio and light. Finally, another cord for the gas furnace if it is winter. (An electrician was needed to provide this simple option).
    This is the same as using a portable generator like I have done for decades. You would need a huge permanent generator to power ALL the circuits in your house. The typical stationary permanently installed generators have their own dedicated panel with just a small group of your homes circuits. It also only works when NOT connected to the grid. When the permanent generator is connected to your stuff the electricity does not go out to the grid. The power is isolated with a special switch. Use the F150 lightning or powerboost trucks like a portable generator or install an RV plug and the same panel and wiring as a stationary generator. Quod Erat Demonstrandum (Q.E.D.)

  33. I was lusting after the wrangler 4xe for a long time but now I’m seeing the vids of them, I figure if this the way Jeep is going with their lineup I might as well wait to see the Cherokee in a hybrid form. I liked the way the Cherokee felt over the Renegade. All will depend on what goes on with Nissan and their Arriya and the move toward ZF transmissions in the pathfinder and maybe trickle down to the rogue and rogue sport. Sounds strange but I would have liked to see Tesla partner up with Jeep when it came to doing the electrification. Imagine a Jeep powered with Tesla batteries. Even with older gen Tesla batteries having 150 miles range in them, on a wrangler of Cherokee that would make the RAV4 prime go wait wuh happened? How’d that Jeep stay so close behind me from light to light

  34. Most internet based automotive journalists always get this wrong! They wonder why people are less interested in the efficiency of an EV and more interested in the range. Guess what, as long as EVs have less than 500 miles of range (my threshold that makes an EV equivalent to an ICE vehicle), people will always think in terms of range for an EV. Once range anxiety goes away with EVs, then people will think in terms of the difference in efficiency between long range EVs.

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