These are the SAFEST New Cars For Sale in 2020!

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What are the safest new cars on the road? In this video we examine models that received the IIHS top safety pick from manufactures like Tesla, Toyota, Mazda, Audi, Cadillac, Nissan and Subaru. From the Model 3 to the Hyundai Nexo and Forester here are the vehicles to consider if crash ratings are on the top of the mind!

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  1. I somehow came across this video.

    You guys can both read the tesseract. Good educational education project.

    I remember adjusting valve lash. And I also know about HID (now better by LED) and 3-phase electric power plants. Lol. Soon they will be like the old movie Back to the future.

  2. i dont care about thees headlights new headlights i have working eyes and this auto stop shit is useless as well i care about how well a car will protect me

  3. If it were for the safest cars out there that take into consideration the following criteria:
    1- Not limited to a specific year model.
    2- Not limited to a specific segment.
    3- Still affordable by most people.
    Then surely Subaru would come first despite being a small company with not alot of engineering staff.
    Yet it's one of the most underrated companies.

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  5. i wonder how those auto brake systems/anti collision/Pre-Collision System
    work on road that is icy ore wet ore full of wet leef in the fall ore hard and soft snow etc. i have never seen
    any brand show this in a video, it is always on a nice straight road

  6. You can make a car out of plastic and a 48 hp motor that would still get you to 70 mph and 50 mpg ! And still be alive ! Crash testing is a big waste – its not the car its the driver – lets spend the billions on making safer drivers and increase the peneltys for drivers that cannot comply !

  7. BMW Maintain its Rank as The Best Car maker in the World .intearms lexury stlylish perfonance, Realiabily and any other feaures of Quality. BMW Guarantees lifes of Many ppl more especially on Nigerian Roads (Among the worse Roads in the World). international award and Honour should be award to BMW to many Qualitative feaures. Mercedes are trying but BMW pass them then other car makes are just trying and managing when its comes to perfomance in Nigerian Roads.

  8. The Tesla Model 3 is safer than any car on this list, and can be had for less money than some oft hem . It was also awarded top safety pick + . Is there a bias against EV's or safety?

  9. Consumer Reports just recently released their top 10 most reliable vehicles for 2020. Hyundai was the only other manufacturer to make the list besides Toyota. Toyota dominated with 9 vehicles. Hyundai Kona is the other vehicle in the top 10.

    This is their vehicle listing not brand listings. That is a different list ranking all manufacturers from top to bottom.

  10. 10:47 Volvo's main owner is now Geely (as you probably know), so it may be prioritized other than security unlike when it was a Swedish company. Volvo has historically sold cars because of its safety, but that time may be over when money and profits are more interesting Greetings from Sweden

  11. Regarding the Mazda CX-5, what is “front crash protection”? Is it an add-on option, or does it come standard with certain trims? Is there another name for it?

  12. Top Safety Picks Plus:
    Acura RDX
    Audi A6
    Cadillac XT6
    Genesis G70 / G80
    Honda Insight
    Hyundai Nexo
    Lexus ES / NX
    Mazda 3, 6, CX-3, CX-5
    MB C-Class, GLE
    Nissan Maxima
    Subaru Crosstrek, Forester, Legacy, Outback
    Tesla 3
    Toyota Camry.

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