These Are The Top 10 Slowest New Cars You Can Buy Today!

( ) Mike and Nathan take you through the top 10 slowest new cars you can buy today. Plus, we try to explain why they are so slow.

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  1. For some reason some car makers write a higher 0-60 time than what the car actually can do – I have no idea why though but it's been proven in many car reviews. Especially cars with a higher 0-60 time.

  2. I Know Chevrolet Trax,Buick Encore, Jeep Compass,Renegade & Cherokee With A 2.4L MultiAir Naturally Aspirated Engine,Nissan Versa,Sentra,Rogue & Murano & Also Honda HRV Are Slow Cars.

  3. What the f*ck. When i have seen this title i was expectin kia rios, honda fits, hyundai i10s. The i10 goes to 60 in 15 seocnds! The 10 second range cars aren't slow! When did you need to go less than 8 seconds to 60? I live in an extremly curvy and hilly part of europe. My daily is the 2020 i10, my 3rd car. And the 67hp is more than enough. If nothing , it's an excuse to drive it within an inch of its life(dumping the cluch at red lights, going waaaay to fast into corners and just randomly shifting at 6500 rpm)

  4. None of these cars are really slow…your old 4.0L cherokees from 20 years ago make only 193HP lol…and does 0-62mph in 10 seconds. The 2.5L was making what…140HP? Doing 0-62 in 12 seconds.

  5. My 2011 2.4L Santa Fe with 176hp does 0.60 in 7.5, I don’t understand why the Crosstreck with 160hp and lighter vehicle would do 9.2

  6. 2019 elantra is the fastest Hyundai and one of the fastest sedans on sale in India… And I have one of the slowest Hyundai's on sale here, the 80 PS i20 active..Wonder why that didn't make it into this list. It is a properly lethargic car with 0-60 of 20 + seconds if at all it ever reaches 60!

  7. I have a 2018 Suzuki Alto 800, 0.8L of displacement, 47 hp and 0 – 60 in 22 seconds. I have to drive as if I'm driving a big truck.

  8. Shame on Ford…. that name ECO-Sport is laughable…What part of "sport" don't they understand?…Well then, maybe chess could be considered a sport?

  9. I was just waiting for my car to show up… A Chevy Spark makes 98hp with a manual or CVT, 2313 lbs and a bit over 11 seconds to 60mph.

  10. This is not Germany you leave is freedom usa where you have drive with speed limits if you dont need tickets and of course you don't need fast cars

  11. Crossovers and small mini sized Sedans that look boring are the lamest cars only Non-Car people would drive a lot of these cars are garbage except for the Corolla that's the only car worth buying

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