1. As an Audi owner, I am actually ok with that, the chrome will never get that dirty carbon build up

  2. They’ve done this on American cars forever lol, whether it be fake hood scoops (some late 50s cars) or side scoops (see 1965 Mustang).

  3. Should actually be a class action lawsuit for false advertising, no different than making a car look like it has an extra door that doesn’t exist. I couldn’t believe my glc43 has the same crap

  4. My 2017 A3 has two genuine dual exhaust, obviously. It’s crazy that An S model has this

  5. I've noticed that the exhausts are like that on the buses it's all this Low Emission and Climate Change stuff

  6. This is literally enough to put me off ever buying a car that has done this! 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️

  7. That’s because it’s all plastic now so they do in this way otherwise the plastic would be set on fire…

  8. I always laugh when I see cars with 4 "pipes" when it's cold and there's only two that are actually doing something 😂

  9. They're the nockout panels for the gangster options. Machine gun, oil delivery and smoke screen.

  10. Its pathetic and considering were supposed to believe Climate Change and we need to stop using plastic etc what a waste of materials

  11. It's what you expect when shallow people buy cars entirely on the way they think they will impress others. 🙄

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