Top 10 Overpriced Used Cars You Should Only Buy New

These are the top 10 overpriced used cars, trucks, and SUVs of 2022 that you should never buy used. These used cars, trucks, and SUVs are so expensive lightly used that they can cost more than buying brand new. The chip shortage has made car prices overvalued. If you want to know which used cars and SUVs to avoid, watch this video.


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  1. I'm located in Southern California and I see these 10 year or older model 4runners and GX470/460's selling for the price of used certified models. Prices are insanely high !!!

  2. I will probably order a new car after the first of the year; just waiting for some stock investments to climb out of the toilet! 😜

  3. So an "overpriced used car" is a compliment to that car model and you can buy/pre-order a new one with no regret.

  4. I would wonder why the owner of a one-year-old car had sold/traded it. Was it a lemon? Was there something about that they didn't like? Am I buying someone else's problem?

  5. Buying a used car is like marrying a divorcee. As simple as that. The only difference is that the car will not compare you to the previous husband/wife.

  6. Hey! I am planning to purchase a car soon and considering factory ordering one since only few of the car i want are available. I am planning to talk to all the same brand dealerships in my province and make then compete. Is this a good plan? Does factory ordering help my tactics since all dealerships have same chances in this case?

  7. I recently went to a Kia dealership and he was happy to order me a New Telluride, as long as I was happy to pay $7500 to $10,000 over MSRP to get it. 🙄

  8. After he repeated some used vehicles might be a bad value for the third time without telling us any, I gave up.

  9. Why do car manufacturers delay is delivering brand new cars to customers? Is it still as a result of the pandemic?

  10. No such thing as deals when buying new. All manufacturers that offered 0% in past are asking 3-4%+ interest for finance or lease

  11. I own a 2021 kia telluride and I had people offered me $2000 more than a brand new one I said no cuz I was waited 4 months for it.

  12. People are ignorant and spoiled for paying these ridiculous prices!
    We will be working to wipe our;:-/s
    If you don’t wake up!!!!

  13. I bought my highlander 2016 xle awd for $30,000 in 2019, i was at the Toyota dealership yesterday looking at a 3year old highlander with similar mileage these highlanders are $40,000!!! They arent even fully loaded like mine,,,,

  14. Those Lexus LS 430 and LS 460 prices have been rising as well! I noticed Alot of people are trying to buy them because of their very reliable v8 engines.

  15. Due to a hit and run we had to buy a car two weeks ago. We decided on a hybrid RAV4. The local dealer had a 2019 with 24k miles on the lot. It was only $600 less than a similarly equipped new car and the dealer would not negotiate on used cars. We bought new (one week wait) and the dealer took $500 off new so the difference was $100. Add the difference in interest rates new was cheaper.

  16. Thanks a good video again. Good thing is Mitsubishi or Nissan did not hit this list and they are still affordable and good vehicles to buy.

  17. Most people I know don’t even want or remotely consider purchasing an automobile for their transportation needs. Many have peddle assist, ebikes or scooters to get around. If they need a device for long range they will rent a car for a couple of hundred dollars rather than wasting money blowing $50,000 on a device that is virtually worthless in a few years anyway. Plus most anything you want can be delivered to your door. Going out on the town? Get a Uber ride.

    Think smart. Be smart.

  18. I priced and hunted for a used Honda, the dealer sent me a picture of an inbound one like what I had wanted. He left the amount they paid for it from the Manheim auto auction next to what they were asking. It was a FORTY percent markup. I took them to task on this and how greedy the dealers have become…. absolutely shameful.

  19. The car market is insane. There is no way I will pay those outrageous prices for new or used cars. I will wait and I think everyone should wait for the car market to return to normal.

  20. Just ordered my wife a rav4. We almost had to wait 80 days. The dealership had already ordered one exactly like what we wanted. So we’re waiting for 20 days. Luckily, we didn’t have to pay over msrp.

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