Top 5 NEW Cars Every High Schooler Should Buy!

So if you’re currently in high school and you’re looking for a fun car that hasn’t been messed up by any previous owner this video will help! In this one, I’m going over the Top 5 NEW Cars for high schoolers and really a fun first car for anyone!

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  1. You should make a video on “must owned cars for high schoolers” that actually work for there money to finance a car 😂😂

  2. Why are so many people triggered over teens owning new cars? 😂
    Even if their dad purchased it, so what? They can clearly afford it, why does that trigger you?

  3. Im not gonna be on a payment for my first car and it would take like 3 years of not spending a dime to get 25k😂

  4. i see many people saying that it would just be a car that their parents buy for them.
    but many kids work for it to.

  5. Boi you know damn well no one in high school can afford that car lol
    My personal recommendation is a 84 corvette it’s fast fun and still looks 🔥🔥🔥

  6. Wow I would be happy to get 5 or 6 grand for a c4 Corvette but I'll probably only get about 3500 for a 1999 Ford mustang

  7. 1st car My Dad's F150 i had replaced the Mechanical Fuel Pump on it at age 12, and now own 2016 Mustang
    I know Performance Pack 2 Brembo breaks with Goodyear Eagles F1 Asymmetric handle and Stop in wet rain like it's Dry. (Think Formula 1 in the Rain) The Magneride Suspension takes hard cornering in the canyons or the track without leaning or stops without the dip hence short stopping distance. Just when stopping be aware other vehicles can't stop as well and well you might get rear ended. Great content am with you the Mustang is the best choice especially current generation

  8. Hey guys welcome back to another video today we’re gonna be showing you top 5 cars high schoolers should have if they’re daddy makes over 250k a year

  9. I'm 15 and I get my permit at 16. I buy and resell stuff for money. I also do e commerce but I have a budget of 30k for a car. But do you think a 2012 mercedes e63 is good for me? Keep in mind the insurance will be really high. Or a 2013 bmw m3

  10. Ngl I'm fixing up my 1968 mustang coupe during this crisis so I can go back too school with a badass classic

  11. Meanwhile everyone at my school has some kind of $75,000 BMW or Mercedes that their parents pay for 🤣

  12. shit! back in '96 i had a '71 mercury after working all summer to buy it. i had it for about 2 years and bought my '87 IROC Z-28 and damn i miss that car for sure!

  13. Not sure what planet you inhabit, my friend. In case you missed it there are now 30 million plus unemployed in the US. Almost none of those HS students you're talking about are still in school until at least September and there are significant questions whether schools will re-open even then. Now that they're no longer attending school they're competing for short term jobs with adults struggling to support their families. The number of HS students who can afford (or whose parents can afford) a $25,000 car was tiny to begin with. Since the pandemic began it has disappeared, altogether.

    According to today's news sales of new cars for the first quarter of 2020 were 800,000 (!) fewer than forecasts before the pandemic hit. The Mazda3's overall sales for 2020 are down 47% (!) compared to last year with only slightly more than 8000 units sold in the first quarter. Nissan managed to sell more Sentras than Mazda3's (23,000) but their sales are down an astounding 58% compared to the first quarter of 2019. Manufacturers don't report sales of individual models such as the Civic SI, the Veloster N-Line or the lowest trim Mustangs but you can be sure they're in the toilet and virtually none are being purchased by/for HS students.

    Others have commented that a $25,000 budget for a HS student's first car is unrealistic. In the current and foreseeable economic climate it's pure fantasy.

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