Tyler Hoover Finds 5 of the Oldest New Cars For Sale on Autotrader

After the release of 2019 new car sales figures, the fact that two Lexus LFA models were sold new was widely reported by various news outlets. Like many, Tyler Hoover found this fascinating, since Lexus quit producing this V10 supercar in 2012 due to poor sales, only to see them become hotly collectible and double in value.

So in this instance, having stale inventory was a lucrative venture for those two Lexus dealers in 2019 — but that’s not usually the case. While Hoovie didn’t find any other new LFA models currently for sale on Autotrader, he did find some other interesting examples of the oldest new car inventory, five of which he discusses in our latest video.

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  1. Yo Hoovie, that refrigerated Sprinter looks like the sort of truck that would deliver refrigerated blood or other medical supplies. All the dividers make it appear to be pretty serious business.

  2. So since these cars have been sitting so long, will dealers take much less for them to a serious buyer or just sit on them till the end of time?

  3. There’s a Dodge dealer across the Toyota dealer I work at and they still have a lot of brand new 2018 Grand Caravans and Journeys being sold for up to $10k off MSRP. Our Toyota store is no exception to this. We have 2 brand new leftover GT86s and a single Yaris from 2018.

  4. Wow a 2016 BMW M4 GTS Coupe with 13 miles for $137k!!!

    I mean it's cool, but very expensive which apparently is while it's still for sale 🤣

  5. Hey Autotrader, love your work, or rather I loved it for a long time as a car guy who grew up scrolling thru search results on an ancient desktop. Lately however, as an adult who uses the app for professional reasons, I and apparently many other people have started using other Apps to research cars and here’s why.
    First, I don’t mean to put you on blast to ruin you, rather I hope that somehow your software developers or those in charge of them see this and realize that maybe I’m right and will address your sites issues with functionality and general usability.
    One of the biggest issues I have is with refining search results. It is almost impossible to search for vehicles with specific options or by sub model, when this is easy to do on other sites. Here’s a couple of examples of what I mean.

    For instance, it’s almost impossible to search for a Ford Fiesta/Focus with a manual transmission because many dealers either purposely or accidentally list the duel clutch automated manual POS trans as a manual, forcing me to scroll through hundreds of interior pics, looking for true stick shifts. When searching for a BMW i3, there is no way of knowing or selecting battery pack size, or the REX submodel with the hybridized drivetrain, again forcing me to scroll through pics looking for clues. Also, when selecting options, there is no vehicle count shown and it’s annoying AF to put the time and effort into refining the search results only to then find that one of the options has zero matches but I have no idea WHICH option caused this, without a lengthy game of process of elimination in order to remove it and see those results that match otherwise.

    The “AD” preferred car placement is annoying as hell too, especially when searching by distance or lowest price, as the ad-buy listings are somehow always the most expensive and furthest away, wasting my time.

    Also, having to constantly go in and un-save vehicles that have sold or timed out in order to save new search results is another time waster. By far though, the endless scrolling and studying pics because the site doesn’t stay up to date with option packages and equipment listings and new technology like Subaru’s eyeSight, or Tesla’s FSD, is what’s tanking your sites usability IMO.
    It just feels like you need to invest more time, money and energy into the mobile App (I can’t remember the last time I or a friend or colleague used the desktop site) and in finding software developers with better knowledge of late model cars in general and in testers who actually use the app as it’s intended.

    Thank you and I wish you all the best.

  6. That C7 is at my family friend’s dealership. Crazy it’s been there for 5 years. $100K convertible I’m Minnesota is a tough sell.

  7. This notion that cars which have been sitting around for years and years are "new" just because the title has never transferred is ridiculous. Cars age as they sit around. Leather cracks, exhausts rust, hoses and belts dry, crack and eventually fail. Condensation accumulates in fluid containers. Gasoline stales and turns to varnish. Etc., etc.

  8. I feel like the fiata could run with a trans-swap and bolt on turbo for the difference in options for a pretty sick spec-ish track car

  9. Those Fiat 124's are absolutely gorgeous, with tonnes of modding potential!
    Absolutely stunning too, much prettier than the Mazda.

  10. Mustang Convertible with a manual transmission is a tough sell. Period. Many people who are in the market for Mustang 'verts want to have the option of running them in parades, and a manual makes it more difficult…

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