Volvo Drops New Cars From 30 Metres For Extreme Crash Test

It is the most extreme crash test ever executed by Volvo Cars, and a crucial one. Extrication specialists often use cars crashed at the Volvo Cars Safety Centre to hone their life-saving skills.

To allow rescue services to prepare for any possible crash scenario and to simulate the forces that erupt in the most extreme crashes, beyond what can be simulated with ordinary crash testing, Volvo Cars recently took equally extreme measures. For the first time, it dropped several new Volvos multiple times from a crane, from a height of 30 metres.

This approach helped create enough damage to adequately simulate the damage found in the most extreme crash scenarios: think of single-car accidents at very high speed, accidents whereby a car hits a truck at high speed, or accidents whereby a car takes a severe hit from the side.

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  1. i see some ppl are asking about not putting a dummy inside the car. If u are really interested u can get into dropping car.

  2. If they need to test methods to extract people from their cars, why is there not crash test dummies in the vehicles? Would it show that you rarely survive from falling 100 feet? probably…

  3. Si fueran asi las pruebas de euro ncap o latin ncap todos los carros tendrian 0 estrellas 😂😂

  4. In India, people would be busy taking videos and photos instead of helping the occupants in the car or calling the police.

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