What Happens to New Cars that Never Get Sold ?

What Happens To New Cars That Don’t Sell? If you’ve ever driven by a car dealership and seen the rows and rows of brand new cars, you’ve probably wondered what happens to the ones that never get sold.

Millions of cars are produced every year, not every car is sold. What happens to them? They don’t give them away. If the price is reduced too much it reduces the sales volume of the newer more expensive models.

With each vehicle representing $30,000 or more in retail pricing, the typical dealer doesn’t want to keep these vehicles in stock. Brand-new cars, trucks, and SUVs that aren’t sold can’t just sit on the dealer lot forever; their investment in them is too high. It is natural for a consumer to ask the question, so what do they do with all those cars that sit and don’t sell?

0:00 What Happens to New #Cars that Never Get Sold
1:15 what happens to new cars that don’t sell
1:39 how the auto industry works
1:50 franchise law vs #Tesla
2:32 unsold or slow-selling cars
3:11 turning the inventory and floorplanning
4:04 how do deals sell unsold cars – deals
4:35 spiffs or special discounts
5:22 incentives and low-interest rates
5:40 loaner car and used cars
6:04 dealer trades and auctions
7:30 manufacturers with leftover cars – car graveyards
9:01 shrinkage
9:49 Bottom line
10:10 best deal on a car, truck, or SUV
10:40 questions and comments

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