What happens to the new cars that don't sell ?

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  1. The question is pertaining to all the cars that don’t sell and go to auction, then don’t sell again, and again, and again

    Unsold cars sit in mega lots all around the world

    Sometimes 100’s or 1,000’s of merely brand new vehicles left to rust and rot

    That’s what that question was about…Time to go steal yourself any new/unused car you want at this point

    Take-em all 🚙

  2. You guys sold my mom a 2013 ford escape and did not help her take care of all the problems. Its junk in the driveway now. 1.6 liter eco boost smoked and smoked but youre guys said it would go away after you rebuilt the top end. Put off as oil burning off because of the repairs. It burned oil for years after the repair. Smelled like fresh oil everytime i opened up the back hatch and blue.

  3. Hi, I have come across a vehicle which has been unsold by the dealer for 4years. It's done 220kms as it was a demo vehicle.
    What would be the risks involved in buying such a vehicle? I would be grateful if you could help with all your knowledge…..😊🌹

  4. The next car buyers take the loss. Exampof what most think is a good deal. The intrest rates at a bank are what 1/4 % than the dealerships give you 4% and you think that's a deal. Your bank accounts don't make 4%

  5. There should give to the peolpe for free or only paying the insurance who have a 2 year permit. People amd the world should slow it down. How Japan was still Samurai without any gun powder advance thecnologies 7 being indepent with small commerce agements, and look now.

  6. They sit in fields to rot. There is no way the dealers will keep lowering the prices at a loss because then the value of cars will start to plummet then dealers and manufacturers would have to stop OVERPRODUCTING cars and market them to people who don't actually need new cars.

    There's also "Planned Obsolescence" where they make products, including cars, that break sooner so you need to buy another.

  7. Stealerships and their less than incompetent service departmens kill the experience of owning a car, so if they lose money I'm happy with it.
    And like a good stealership employee you didn't answer the question.

  8. The people having the final say on the styling & specifications of these modern cars really need to find something else to do. The sculpturing of these modern cars are ugly and disgusting!

  9. And once again a car salesman got ask a question and turned it around to how they are losing money.. yep, just more BS. So where does the unsold cars go? We don't care about the cars you sell, we trying to find out bout the 468 cars on the lot that don't sell.

  10. I don't think this is the full truth. You answered the question of what happens to cars that are not moving at the full retail price. Okay, you mark them down. But what happens to cars nobody wants, even at a reduced price? I can't see anyone buying a car they don't want, just because it is cheaper. I wouldn't buy a pair of unsold blue bell bottom pants no matter how cheap it was.

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