What's the Best Car Paint Protection Coating for New Cars?

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-The best car paint protection coating for brand-new vehicles

Here’s a fun fact: your brand-new car isn’t actually brand-new. Not because someone took it for a spin before you did—after all, that’s what test drives are for. What we mean is that the moment you bring your brand-new car home from the dealership, it’s already several months old.

See for yourself. Open the car door on the driver’s side and check the label on the door jamb. You’ll find the exact date the OEM assembled your vehicle, which will most likely be at least 4-5 months before you purchased it. That means, for at least 4-5 months, your vehicle sat at the dealership unprotected, exposed to acidic rain and harsh UV rays and, during test drives, road hazards and debris.
That’s why it’s so important to protect your car after taking it home – to keep it looking sleek and glossy. With the proper maintenance, a factory fresh paint job can continue to shine for up to 20 years!

So what’s the best way to protect the paint on a new car? Read on to find out!

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