Why Millions of New Cars Are Left Abandoned

Places full of unwanted things and even whole cities void of people are actually real, and there are some surprising reasons for their existence. There are many places in the world where perfectly new, unsold cars pile up like garbage in areas even larger than airports. Why? The answer is: the overproduction crisis.

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– There are more cars produced than buyers who will purchase them, and since factories can’t give them out for free they toss them aside to make room for new production. Ironically, they can’t just stop producing new cars, because that would mean firing a lot of workers and running out of business.
– Some taxi graveyards have hundreds of cars, like the one in Chongqing, China that looks like a yellow sea from above. Others have dozens of cars parked in all the wrong places and causing discomfort to city dwellers like the illegal taxi graveyard in Queens.
– You can see impressive-looking bicycle graveyards all across China. It’s not that the Chinese hate using bikes and decided to dispose of them in such a merciless way. In 2017, the bike-sharing business took off in China.
– Some of the old buses become a shelter for the homeless, others are turned into art objects adorned with graffiti. Someone in Ontario who had quite a few of them at their disposal lined them up and made a fence out of them.
– Some train cars get rusty or are somehow defective and simply await repairs. Others are left to rot because they used to run on railroads that no longer exist. This is the case with the West Branch Railroad in Maine, for example.
– It’s not only vehicles get abandoned and pile up. Just as British as tea and double-deckers, the iconic red phone booths also end up in the middle of nowhere these days.
– Can you imagine whole cities getting abandoned? And I’m not talking about little villages somewhere in the mountains. The capital of Turkmenistan, Ashgabat, for instance, is built of marble and looks majestic but is basically a ghost town.

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