Why New Cars are Safer than Old Cars

Here’s Why New Cars are Safer than Old Cars, DIY and car review with Scotty Kilmer. Car safety. New car vs old car. Old car safety vs new car safety. New car vs old car crash test. New car safety features. New car safety technology. How old cars compare to new cars in a crash test. Old body on frame cars vs new unibody car frames, which is better? How car frames are made. How car frames work. Car frames explained and how they make cars safer and cheaper to manufacture. Car crash safety. Car advice. DIY car repair with Scotty Kilmer, an auto mechanic for the last 50 years.

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  1. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

    ⬇️Scotty’s Top DIY Tools:

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  2. Planning to get a Suzuki Jimny either a 2020 model or its predecessor used 2014 model..the difference is the latest has 0.1L more engine displacement than the former. Which to choose?

  3. The early unibody cars are death-traps, in a heavy crash the roof and pillars bend and the whole car crushes up. Newer cars have much stronger pillars that start at the front (the A pillar) and run the length of the roof to the rear (C pillar), these may be slightly harder to see past as they're much thinker, but in a crash they prevent the occupant compartment from folding and being crushed.

  4. Did you know cars are designed to crumble? It's to take off the energy involved in a crash. The less energy you get as a occupant the better. So if your car is wrecked because of it but you can come out alive, the jobs perfectly done and as intented.

  5. A friend I was just talking about this the other day and boy were we wrong! We thought cars of 70s were stronger. A fender bender and cars today crumble but those in the 70s were a rock. I see it differently now. Thank you for the education…Mechanic school day 15…LOL!

  6. Unibodies are actually STIFFER on torsion than body and on frame designs since a large rectangular box is inherently much stiffer than 2 spindly ladder frames can ever hope to be.

  7. I'll stick with my good old Eastern Bloc Trabant!! Cost a fortune adding oil to it but hey, makes a good smoke screen. ha ha ha ha ha ha [cue donkey pic].

  8. I thought the trucks and the SUVs so popular in the US are mostly body on frame because that is cheaper/easier to make. I guess I was wrong. At least the F150 is a body on frame …

  9. car companies can make body on frame cars more safer than unibody..

    but its becoming a marketing gimmic for unibody cars.. so people to think they made the right choice..

    look at the new g wagon body on frame car accident rating..compared to full unibody range rover vogue.. they both got 5 star safety rating..

    g wagon 2.5 ton
    vogue 2.3 ton

    almost equally priced cars.. and when you get a small accident in vogue.. it becomes a scrap metal because its frame is busted.. yep.. you just wasted your money..

  10. It's so hard to make people understand how a modern unibody car is safer than a full frame car, they don't get the science behind it. A modern unibody car is designed so that the entire front end (including fenders and hood) are all integrated to absorb the impact. On a full frame car, the only structural members are the frame rails…the fenders and hood do virtually nothing. Once those frame rails collapse, that's it—you're screwed

  11. I hate to correct you, Scotty, but it wasn't the Jeep in 1984 or the RAV4 in 1994. Lada NIva was first produced in 1976: unibody crossover with full-time all-wheel drive (locking center diff and low range for more serious off-road). Yes, they were not imported into the US for political reasons, but we can't change the facts 🙂

  12. This thanks to one Ralph Nader. He started this ongoing nightmare about safety and on top of that, we now have the EPA ruling the roost. Why would you need something called a knock sensor when every gasoline sold in the United States meets the same standards? Please do try to explain.

  13. Hey Scotty, I drive a 2009 Nissan Versa sedan with a manual transmission. It has about 130,000 miles on it. Should I think about replacing it with something newer, or just keep driving it until it has a major problem? I bought it used in 2014 for about $6,000.

  14. Hey Scotty. Can you make a video that shows what will happen if you don´t change the oil, or what happens when the engine overheats and how to best prevent it, or if the cooling fluids spils out, please go into details and explain it.

    Thanks again:)

  15. I understand this fully. When I was kid my parents took us to a creek to play in the water,. When we finished a car full of teenagers came around the corner and were going too fast for the curve and they went down into the creek and it killed everyone in the car but, the car looked to have very little damage but, there was blood all over the inside of the car. This was before cellphones so my dad had to drive back to our house call the police. My brother and I were horrified.

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