Why The American Car Fleet Is Getting So Old

In 2021, the average age of vehicles on the road reached a record 12.1 years. Every driver that chooses to hold on to a car for another year is postponing a trip to the dealership, and some industry analysts wonder if rising vehicle ages and prices indicate trouble for new car sales in the future. Automakers are stuffing cars with new technology and improvements but will that be enough to keep buyers wanting the latest and greatest?

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Why The American Car Fleet Is Getting So Old


  1. Too expensive. No ability to order seperate optiôns. « Oh you want remote start? You have to order package x, that’s another $3,600 » Oh, and greed, there’s that..

  2. I buy cars to last me until they give up or not worth fixing. Ive had my truck for 13 years now and still going. My next truck hopefully a brand new one or no more than a couple years old will hopefully last me another over 10 years.

  3. The gov has forced the auto companies to produce cars which are the size of go carts with ridiculous imaginary fuel saving devices and reduced safety standards? Regarding the safety standards, you have to see beyond the gimmick of rating the safety standards by class.

  4. Did anyone else notice that "subscription service" starts at $600? That's the economy rate too. Even if it does cover insurance and registration, if you can afford that every month you can afford to buy a decent used vehicle outright or pay it off very quickly. How does this subscription idea make any sense financially?

  5. Haven’t had a car payment for 10 years. I’m not buying anything unless I have to.
    Overdone tech doesn’t impress me.
    And the obscene pricing now. Who the hell wants a $700 car payment?
    Used values of EVs in general will be crap because of tech advances. Throwaway gigantic IPhones.
    Who wants to get an old iPhone?

  6. Quality has improved across the board. That’s a big part of why the cars last longer. I always bought American brands out of patriotism. I finally gave up after I realized that my Ford Fusion was assembled in Mexico. It is a pretty good car, but it’s not really American made. So that was the end of the patriotism idea. I have a Honda CRV now….I’m very happy with it. We’ll see how it goes. I’d love to keep it for 10 years, but I live in western NY state, where salt is used on the roads. That keeps you from crashing on icy and snowy days, but rots out your undercarriage and body.

  7. Gee maybe because they cost so damn much, and most people are already barely getting by. Not only that but older more reliable cars are actually more desirable. Oh woe to the auto manufacturers, sales are down 😢

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