World Premiere VinFast Reveals Futuristic EV!

VinFast is a new auto manufacturer from Vietnam that is launching on a big scale in the United States. They’ve just revealed two new models for the US and European market, the VF e35 and the VF e36. In the next year they’ll open 60 showrooms in California alone. They have a 10 year warranty on their Electric cars and have launched a battery rental scheme to make their electric vehicles more affordable.

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  1. Totally MUCH BETTER than indo's esemka that only use for goverment's propaganda and presidential election campaign by politicians….

  2. They can sale in Vietnam no one want to buy this car only you don’t about that car you like it Japan car good and Tesla tooo i think Vinfast pay a lot money too taking about this car I know you take money first rite . the people viet nam they you taking lied tooo hahaha

  3. Absolute FIASCO, so typical of Vietnamese bullshit. Samsung refused to sell them batteries, so the consumer has to buy them separately.

  4. Vinfast cars are not yet available in the international car market, vinfast has only been in Vietnam for 4 years, Vietnam has not yet invented international standard bicycles, vinfast cooperates with chevrolet of the US. A well-reviewed car must have been in the international auto market for at least 15 years or more. China is much smarter than Vietnam, but the Chinese car company is still unable to sell cars in the international car market. Vinfast cars will have a lot of recall in the future.

  5. Vìnfast car is horrible/ it is came from China + Singapore/ don’t buy vinfast car if you want to safe your life

  6. Please don’t support this company; Vietnam has taken a position against the United States in the sanctions on Russia and their atrocities in Ukraine. Everything we can do, including voting with our pocketbooks to put Russia down is important to consider.

  7. Yep, keep feeding autocratic communist government until it turns around and bite people who lover freedom in the ass. And then you all will say "oops, we should not have done that".

  8. Pretty sad GM can’t make a good EV but a foreign company can just show up and hit it out of the park.

  9. Among all the choices out there (Reliable Japanese brands with decades of reliability and service excellence, or even large Chinese manufacturers like GWM with studded options), I would like to know the reasons for buying this car besides Vietnamese patriotism.

    Just knowing that this has VN government’s involvement, any negative review is likely squashed

  10. Experts suggest that EV batteries often last from 10-20 years or theoretically last forever. However, EV battery degradation to below 70% is bound to happen at some point depending on the driving habits, charging habits, speeds, the temperature, road conditions, and more. As a result, several federal regulations require manufacturers to warranty EV batteries for 8 years or 100,000 miles to ensure the batteries hold at least 70% capacity. In reality, a Finish man's 2013 Tesla Model S after 8 years started showing error codes while the mileage display was less than 100,000 miles in December 2021, and the only fix was a $22,600 full battery replacement, which was half of the price the EV retails for, and his final choice was sadly to blow it up instead of replacing the battery! Here is the point, when you buy a Tesla, the price includes the battery, which mean you pay $22,600/8 years = $2,825/year or $235/month, plus an additional energy charge of $0.045/mile (per energysage) or $45/1,000 miles/month (the average American drives about 1,000 miles/month, according to the US Department of Transportation). Altogether, you pay $235/month + $45/month = 280$/month for the battery and energy charge to own a Tesla for about 8 years or with 100,000 miles. However, VinFast battery leasing program offers an unlimited-mile fixed lease option, you pay only $110/month for the 5-seater SUV VF8, and $160/month for the 7-seater SUV VF9. Remember these are fixed monthly charges, which means no monthly price changes for the life of the lease with unlimited miles. Also with the battery leasing program, VinFast backs its batteries with a lifetime warranty and says it will replace the unit for free once the battery capacity drops below 70 percent. This means a VinFast driver will NEVER ever worry about the $22,600 bill to replace the battery! In addition, VinFast offers a limited warranty coverage of 10 years or 120,000 miles, whichever comes first; and this is the longest warranty coverage ever done by an EV maker. VinFast is such a rare combination of BMW and Pininfarina! VinFast is a stylish, modern and premium EV at a reasonable price! The choice is now yours!

  11. Chủ tịch Phạm Nhật Vượng 🇻🇳♥️
    Hải Phòng quê mẹ ⚓🏵️
    Hà Tĩnh quê cha 📏🔖

  12. What a terrible name for these beautiful cars. In Vietnam you can see many shops and brands start with Vin. I think this is to show their patriotism towards their country and I understand that. But why would you name a car Vinfast if you are aiming to be a global brand? So, Vin means it is from Vietnam and I guess Fast is to say it is a Fast car. How creative is that?

  13. Very nice and unique designs, VF will be a game changer, and on top of all this new company's coming with strong models to the world, Supercar Blondie will takes this to a new level.
    Bravo to VF and thanks Blondie for sharing.

  14. ベトナムは車を作っているか。 ベトナムはインターネットになるか。 日本で技術が盗まれました。 愚かな詐欺師。 thailand >>>>>>>> vietnam

  15. Sister, sister, sister…
    I only have one soul and barely have that since I got struck 10 or so years ago…
    Need friendship.

  16. THEY are DYING FOR $$$. Just doing it TO QUALIFY FOR USA “funding assistance “ and then “BOOM “ Bankruptcy !!!!

  17. Not a fan of "renting out the battery," unless leasing the EV, which then makes the renting payment part of the leasing payment. Still, more EVs to market, more competition is good.

  18. Do not trust Vinfast vehicles period.
    Lol at these Westerners for not living with the Communist long enough

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